Suck it, Wal-mart

Woot! Woot! Some good news at last on a political front! A group of politicians actually took a stand for their constituents AGAINST some big oligarchy-feeding hellholes! Alleluia!!!...more

Clean Up on Aisle Boy

Well, I was in Wal-Mart today.  There, I admit it.  I was in the store I claim to hate.  You know, everybody says they hate Wal-Mart but yet we economically help maintain their biggest-retailer-on-the-planet status.  Go figure....more

Wal-Mart, Awkward Moments, and The Easter Bunny

So this awkward moment happened the other day.I was at WalMart getting Easter basket fixins’. I know. WalMart. But I’m on a budget so don’t judge.So I get in line with my candy and Crayola and books and reusable/recyclable paper basket grass, and the young woman initiated a conversation. A conversation she decided to have over the screams of my baby who wants everything she sees. Candy! Dora! Book!...more
 @KarenLynnn I think I saw it once on Grey's Anatomy or one of those shows. I guess if you have ...more

It Was NOT My Intention To Visit Wal-Mart The Day Before Thanksgiving...

It is never my intention to visit Wal-Mart.  I realize that the entire country shops there, but that place just make me go completely into "anxiety mode".  Therefore, I tend to try to avoid entering the establishment at all costs.  THAT is why finding myself right in the middle of Wal-Mart during the pre-Thanksgiving chaos made me scratch my head and wonder if I was perhaps in the midst of a terrible dream. ...more
Oh my. That was quite the adventure.more

The Fit To End All Fits

Enough time has gone by that I can finally talk about The Incident in Wal-Mart. Beware. This is a long post. March 31, 2006. Princess was a few weeks away from turning six. Buddy was still a few months away from being three. It was a nice spring day. Princess had asked if we could get out the watercolors and paint. I thought that was a good idea, but, alas, we didn’t have any watercolors. I told them that if they behaved that morning, we’d go to Wal-Mart that afternoon and get some watercolors. They behaved. ...more

Supreme Court to Women of Wal-Mart: Take a Hike

Is Wal-Mart too big to sue? Are female employees in American corporations collectively able to claim discrimination on the basis of gender? ...more

So according to Scalia, all you have to do to erase inequality in the workplace is slap up a ...more

Companies Can’t Discriminate, But Their Managers Can: The Supreme Court Gives Wal-Mart the Win in Dukes Gender Discrimination Cl

Today the Supreme Court sounded the death knell for Dukes v. Wal-Mart, the class action lawsuit accusing Wal-Mart of paying and promoting women less than similarly- or less-qualified men. To protect corporations from having to do more to prevent gender discrimination than pop a few politically correct paragraphs into the employee handbook, the Supreme Court resorted to a belabored procedural argument that incentivizes corporations to do as little as possible to prevent discrimination....more

Express Herself

Well, I thought this was a silly trend (hair feathers) as well and my first inclination was to ...more

It's the Little Things: What I Learned While Channeling Heidi Klum

Last week, while running my usual 2.7 mile route around my neighborhood, I was able to shave one minute and 30 seconds off of my mile time, and about four minutes off of my total time. I was pumped!  (But resisted the urge to tweet my success when I realized that most runners would not necessarily be proud of an 11-minute mile).  Still, whatever the numbers, it was a success for me.  So what made the difference?  For the first time I told myself to run as if I had...more

Bah humbug...

Yesterday my eight year old daughter discovered It is a website that is devoted to all things Santa. You can write Santa an email, as well as poke around the website playing games related to all things Santa. Yesterday she was over the moon to discover this year you can instant message elves. She spent most of the afternoon trying to “stump the elf” with difficult questions about the holidays....more