You'll Never Walk Alone -- Unless You Want to

Although I like people and, at times, get lonely without them, I’m the ultimate loner when it comes to exercise. Having never been good at sports, I took to independent activities like walking, biking and swimming.My favorite form of exercise is walking. I like being alone with my thoughts; I enjoy observing nature in solitude; and I hate having to wait for other people to get ready and accompany me or slowing down or speeding up my gait to match theirs. Walking takes minimal effort and preparation except for donning sneakers and grabbing my iPod....more

Make a Date With Nature

Walking the Talk: 7 Benefits of Walking + The Surgeon General's Call to Action

This post was originally published on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health. ...more

Walking the Canyon As I Greet The Day #NaBloPoMo

 Walking every day is not really a goal anymore, but a requirement. A day missed leaves me out of sorts. I need to breathe the air, feel the wind, hear the birds. I need to experience the seasons changing, and walking even a portion of the canyon brings a sense of calm as I begin the day....more

Walk A New Path..A Joyful Challenge #NaBloPoMo

It’s always nice to change up the walk route. My husband and I have been walking daily for almost three years now. The new route is nine miles. The old route was eight miles, but the new one has fewer cars to contend with, and it’s more secluded. We trek ...more


PHOTO |  CHELSEA FUSS I like long walks on the beach.  That sounds like a line taken straight from a personals ad, but seriously— I like long walks on the beach....more

Between The Times

Between The Times When I got home from work and running some errands....more

One Can Fine Some Reason To Have A Celebration

One Can Fine Some Reason To Have A Celebration Very Important and I didn't have time to plan for it....more

I Feel Most Like Myself When I Walk in the Park

This is the third installment for March NaBloPloMo.  We are answering the question: When or where do you feel most like yourself?...more