The Grimes Group Transforms Inside Alexandria

 Best Moments of The Walking Dead's Remember EpisodeAndrew Lincoln’s baby blues were on full display in Sunday night’s Remember episode. Yes, Rick got a hold of scissors and a razor to reveal a clean shaven face again. Remember was full of physical transformations, and well what, Carol in a sweater!?Let’s go down the rabbit hole and discuss....more

Skivvies and Zombies

The hubs and I have arrived late to The Walking Dead party. I never really had any desire to watch it until a couple months ago when the DVR was empty and AMC was having a marathon.  Now we're on Season 3, so please, please, please, no spoilers!Anyways, we were watching one of the episodes where Andrea is screwing the Governor.Oh...sorry any newbies out there. Spoiler Alert! Ahem......more

Too Much Hope Makes Rick Angry, "The Distance" Episode 511

 Our Top Three Moments From The Distance Episode 511So, their obviously is not a ‘right way’ to approach a group in the apocalypse, but you might want to avoid any kind of dance jokes unless you want to get popped in the face by Rick Grimes. Was it just me or didn’t you get the urge to shout, “In the face” at the television? Ha, no? Okay, let’s discuss our favorite moments of The Distance. ...more

Heartbreaking or Boring The Walking Dead Them Ep 510

The Walking Dead goes Boyhood on us. Sure, we don’t see the group age twelve years, but the daily routine of surviving could be either categorized as overly heartbreaking or boring depending on your opinion of Sunday nights episode, Them.The group continues on the slow journey to Washington, running out of gas in every which way imaginable – emotionally, physically and mechanically. The question served up in last night's Them episode, is how much will they want to survive, and are they willing to fight for it? Let’s discuss some of our favorite moments....more

Zombie Apocalypse

I am the victim of a zombie apocalypse.I have staunchly refused to get on the Downton Abbey train. Kerry Washington’s fabulous wardrobe has not tempted me to watch Scandal. I know I would have loved Parenthood, but I would not commit to six seasons of an hour long drama. The irony of that statement will soon become clear....more

Stay With Me, The Walking Dead Is Back

 Here’s our favorite moments of TWD’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” episode 509.‘Stay With Me’ might have won most of the Grammy’s Sunday night, but those words meant quite a bit on The Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On.” Let’s dissect! Was it Fate or MisfortuneThe Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” starts with a montage of flashbacks that were distorted almost like incoherent thoughts, which of course made sense at the end of the episode. It wasn’t Beth’s funeral we were watching, but Tyreese’s. Those hazy visions were all his fever visions....more

Favorite Moments of The Walking Dead Crossed Ep 507

We had a nice change on The Walking Dead’s, “Crossed” episode this week . Instead of focusing on just one of our separated groups, we actually got a glimpse of all of them. Some are fishing, others are planning their escape, and our Seal Team Six is making some silly mistakes. Let’s break down the favorite moments of The Walking Dead’s “Crossed” episode....more

Cars Suck In The Apocalypse! The Walking Dead "Consumed" Ep 506

Cloaked under darkness, The Walking Dead “Consumed” episode picks up where Daryl and Carol left off a few weeks ago, in pursuit of Beth behind a blue station wagon. Much of the episode revolves around a quiet standoff between Daryl and Carol. Daryl is trying to get Carol to see that they can start over, she doesn’t have to leave the group. This interaction continues for most of the episode until they run into someone else! Let’s break down this weeks favorite moments....more

Truths In Self Help The Walking Dead 505

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene. In Sunday night’s episode, “Self Help” we finally get the answers behind Eugene’s story and mission. Plus, what is up with Abraham? Let’s break this week’s episode down with our favorite moments....more

"Slabtown" A.K.A Beth’s Hell Memorial Hospital

  The Walking Dead Episode 4.In a very atypical episode of the Walking Dead, “Slabtown” finally reveals where Beth's been for the last few days, maybe even weeks. In this episode, which is completely Beth-centric, we meet a whole new group and how they have survived apocalyptic Atlanta. I’m going out on a limb here, and say that we probably all agree, these people are all honked-up. Dawn, the leader of her military-esk entourage, is set up at a hospital convincing the people they save owe her a debt. If not they would be 'one of them' [walkers], if they hadn't intervened! To the looks of things, these debts don’t ever get paid off!Lets break it down!...more