"Walking With God"

April 4 Walking With God "Wisdom 2:1-22, Jn. 7:1-30  C.E. AndrewsTo regret one's own expereinces is to arrest one's own development. To deny one's own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one's life. It is no less than denial of the soul. Oscar WildeLate last night in two separate instances I was sitting with  a young man and later a young woman, and both shared their drug use and their depression. Basically they are running away from their past using drugs. ...more

Living The Full Life

Does it make sense to stand out in the cold, shivering and wet, and think it’s normal when God is holding the door open to a warm home, a hot meal, and cozy fire? Why would you call yourself a Christian and not walk fully in what that means?...more

How To Tell You’ve Heard God

It’s amazing how many times we actually hear God but fail to recognize it....more

Don’t Think You Know

Salvation is not about knowing who God is....more

How To Be Amazing

There is only one reason we would have any kind of fear...more

Take Ownership Of Your Light

There’s a reason that Jesus calls us sheep. ...more

Footsteps In The Sand

I recently experienced a great disappointment in my life. I gave it to the Lord repeatedly, but while it was still fresh, I struggled to not hold onto it....more

Where God Is Holy

What does holiness mean to you? Blessed, sacred, without sin, the essence of God Himself. A look through the Psalms on what is holy reveals a surprising result:...more

Walking With God

The Bible says that there were two men who walked with God – Enoch and Noah. Enoch was so close to God that God took him. He just loved this man so much that He wanted him in heaven....more

Being Perfect Is A Good Thing

We sure know how to beat ourselves up if everything we do isn’t perfect. Other people seem to be able to (insert everything you’ve failed at), why can’t I? ...more