Walking Home By Yourself

Many times in kindergarten and first grade, I walked home by myself.  I barely remember that I did so, except for remembering a few, early flashes of streets near my house and walking one foot in front of the other....more

Should Your Kids Walk to School This Year?

Growing up, I lived in the middle of nowhere and walking to school wasn’t an option. We now live less than a mile from my son’s elementary school. I’ve been toying with walking on these still warm summer days, but I’m dealing with a back injury that has been slow to heal. And, you know, walking involves leaving earlier which means being more organized in the morning. I’m new to this as my son is in Kindergarten, so we’re still finding our groove. But having read that walking to school ups activity levels in children -- whereas riding to school drops activity levels -- I’m almost convinced to leave the house earlier....more
As long as you are a reasonable distance away. I walked to school everyday! Its great exercise ...more

Road to nowhere and this isn't about Sarah Palin's bridge

Drew had an early client call this morning, so I had the pleasure of going in to work late and taking the girls to school. Not only was I able to take them to school, but we WALKED, which is always a big adventure. The adventure becomes even more fun and exciting, when I am carrying my work bag, one backpack on my back, pulling another backpack weighing in at approximately 35 pounds, all the while dressed in my pretty, delicate work clothes and trying to make a train that leaves in 20 minutes while the actual walk and subsequent dropping off, will take at least 15 minutes. ...more

Hi I share your reciept of endless questions.  See my post today more