Baking Soda Dough Sea Art


Decorating doesn't have to be expensive.  When a little creativity, gift wrapping paper and art supplies,  you have everything you need to create quick inexpensive wall art. ...more

Hanging Bottle Frame Wall Art Tutorial

I don't know if anyone else has this problem... but it's taken me literally 1 year and 4 months to find the correct wall art for a space in my living room. Maybe it's the designer in my knowing, that there's something else out there that is just right for the space...pfft! Who am I kidding? I'm just as indecisive as the rest of the population. At first, the man and I discussed fancy art but he liked oil painting while I liked watercolor...we could not agree. Next I thought, well maybe a mirror would do the trick...negative. Then it hit me, much like lightning....more

DIY Important Date Wall Art

My DIY attempts usually stem from my misguided belief that I can do it better or cheaper myself. I admit that I never do it better, and my fails mean I only occasionally do it cheaper. However, sometimes I can’t find exactly what I want in stores or on Etsy, and that’s when I forget about my past fails and take the plunge into the DIY world again.This time it was a SUCCESS. A success that was cheaper than what I would have paid, and a success that was exactly what I wanted. And as my regular readers know, if I can do it you can do it....more

Turn Your Instagram Prints into a Heart-Shaped Collage

I've long been wanting to make a collage with some of my Instagram prints. Besides having some empty photo frames around the house (I know, as a photographer, that's bad!) and having many blank walls in this rental house to fill, I have so many DIY ideas floating around my head and in pages of my to-do list notebooks. After playing around with a few ideas and digging this frame we used in Brayden's old nursery out of the garage, I set my own heart on a heart-shaped collage of prints. I still love it every time I see it. It was pretty simple to put together once I got going. Here's the full rundown... ...more

Vintage Sewing Pattern Wall Art

I am crazy about vintage sewing pattern art!  <...more
This is a pretty brilliant idea. I sure wish my mom still had her old patterns.more

DIY Wall Decor: Unusual(ly easy) Craft Project #17

I'm always looking for easy and useful craft projects, so when I received some odd little puzzles from a white elephant gift exchange, I hatched a plan. Each 5 x 7 puzzle displayed a cupcake decorated in a different color. Kinda cute, but what am I supposed to do with tiny puzzles that I can finish in ten minutes? Turn them into wall decoration, of course! ...more

The Writing on the Wall: DIY Word Art for the Poor

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 30.0px 'Vtks Black'} span.s1 {letter-spacing: 0.0px} Adventures in DIY...more

Natural History Art in Awesome Interiors

Holly Becker of decor8 posted an exclusive first peek of HK Living this morning, and I was thrilled to see all of the natural history touches in the flat that was featured. Natural history art is a huge part of what I do, and sometimes I like to think I helped start the trend (though more likely it was just a happy coincidence in timing)....more


I have just finished the book. EAT  Pray Love .  I like how the author divided up the book into have a daily reminder to EAT  PRAY and LOVE....more