Wall of Shame: Husband Kills Wife over Burnt Dinner, Sentenced to 18 months

There are people who’ve commit murder for money, and those who’ve killed for love. However, Jonathan Wicks, a 48-year-old TV executive from the UK, falls into a different category of criminal, killing his wife, Sarah, after she burned his roast beef dinner. ...more

What an awful story. Yes, death is death, but murder isn't always murder. It sounds to me like ...more

Wall of Shame ... Lots of Shame: "Free Lindsay" Rally in Support of Lohan Just a Publicity Stunt

Earlier in the week, word broke about a rally taking place in New York City in support of one of the greatest inspirational icons of a generation. Yes, lovers of La Lohan, a “Free Lindsay” event was rumored to take place Tuesday, July 27 in a location that does suitable justice to Miss Lohan: outside of Beach Bum Tanning, a salon frequented by Lindsay pre-incarceration. ...more

Spat out my iced tea from laughing.

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Wall of Shameless Fame? Huggies Jean Diaper Commercial (VIDEO)

Move out of the way, Lane Bryant and Tim Tebow: The commercial for the newest Huggies product has ignited quite the controversy ... a jean-diaper-wearing, chic-baby-having, poop-referencing controversy at that. ...more

The comments about sexy I just don't get. If you watch the commercial, it is a bunch of "chic ...more

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz F-Bombs TechCrunch's Michael Arrington: Shame ... or Fame?

The setup: At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz sat down with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington in what was billed by the conference as a "fireside chat" -- but was more accurately described by TechCrunch Co-Editor Eric Shoenfeld as the lion's den." ...more

So, which BlogHer panel should we open with a "How the f-bomb are you?"

Just kidding. But in ...more

BlogHer's Wall of Shame (and Fame): What the Internet Tastes Like, Virginia's Non-Boobquake and Fashion's Next Chastity Belt

Welcome to BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame, where you'll find the stuff so good we can't make it up: the most awesome and appalling of the week's headlines. Below: Wall of Shame: No Boobquake for Virginia's State Seal Because "Dutch Oven" Is Way Too Embarrassing to List as Grounds for Divorce Gossip Maven Cindy Adams Tells Assault Victims to Grow Some Nails Court Decides Skinny Jeans Are Fashion's Chastity Belt Wall of Fame: What Does the Internet Taste Like? ...more

It's official. Effective with this commercial (is it really really real?) no one will ever be ...more