Do Women Abdicate Their Power on Wall Street?

We often talk about how women handle power differently than men in everyday corporate settings. What about in the biggest financial setting in the world - Wall Street? Do women handle themselves differently than men? Or, are they equally powerful in the epicenter of financial power? Katie Kelley interviews The Wall Street Coach in this post. ...more
I think the key phrase here is learning to 'live with the discomfort' and not immediately ...more

An Historical Movement Toward Complete Insanity

 There is a huge scam that is going on now right before our eyes. We see it. We want it to stop. We complain about it, but we do nothing about it because we believe there is nothing we can do. The irony is we have the power....more

Ms. Pettistripes Defines "Wall Street"

Dearest Reader,It appears that confusion may surround what is meant by “Wall Street.” Do we mean a smallish street running eastwards from Broadway to South Street in lower Manhattan? Are we talking about the biggest brokers left standing? A movie?...more

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Wakes Up

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opened over the weekend, and I actually ventured into a movie theater to see it, something that rarely happens these days. It wasn’t that I had been such a big fan of its precursor. In fact, I barely remembered much of it. So to prepare for the viewing, I first borrowed Wall Street from the library....more

Obama Pulls Out Parenting Tricks on Wall Street: Do You Use These at Work?

Taking the phrase "if the mountain won't come to Mohammad" to heart, President Obama traveled to Wall Street today in order to meet with 700 of the largest financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and lawmakers and get them on board with financial reform. The purpose of this meeting, as Obama said in his speech was: "to urge you to join us, instead of fighting us in this effort," making reference to the lobbyists who are working to derail the passing of federal laws that would better regulate banks and financial institutions. ...more

Addressing Corporate Fraud: Norway's 40 Percent Solution

The economic collapse of October 2008 was neither an accident nor a simple matter of recklessness and greed.  William Black, the former senior deputy counsel at the federal Office of Thrift Supervision, has thoroughly documented the epidemic of mortgage loan fraud, accounting fraud and credit rating fraud that was ultimately responsible for the global banking collapse....more

I Hate "Positive" Female Stereotypes

I love Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, I really do. As the first female president of Liberia, she has done amazing and wonderful things to heal her country from the violent civil war that destroyed so many lives in the most brutal, animalistic ways possible. ...more