In Which I Invite Katherine Rosman of the WSJ to Attend BlogHer 13 With Me

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@jenleereeves In a way, that just makes it worse. She's seen first-hand what goes on, and still ...more

As Seen in The Wall Street Journal & Oprah

Have I ever mentioned how Joe and I participated in a Darvin Furniture commercial?  We got a $50 gift card (now expired) for discussing how much we loved Darvin.  I was about 5 months postpartum and looked like Mrs. Claus.That commercial first aired during Oprah.  It also continues to play at the furniture store on a perpetual loop near check-out.  We occasionally get phone messages from friends buying furniture:"Hey, guys!  We just saw you at Darvin!  You two could not be bigger dorks!  LOSERS!"...more
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The Wall Street Journal Called. Really.

I was going to keep this rather hush-hush, but my sister spilled the beans on Facebook yesterday, so I figure I'd let you guys in. A reporter from the Wall Street Journal online site contacted me this week. "Shut the f*ck up," you say? Yup.  The Wall Street Flippin' Journal.  You read it here first (unless you read my sister's Facebook, then second)....more

I'm in the Wall Street Journal!

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL IS FEATURING MY STORE!! It’s in all caps because I’m super happy! I managed to not let the cat out of the bag until it actually happened. Last week when Jordan and I hit a deer, I came home to an email that I thought was a total scam. I researched it, exchanged emails and ended up using the WSJ account to overnight some books to them to be included in the father’s day gift giving guide. woofreakinghoo!...more

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Would you give a "work spouse" a Valentine?

Since I barely have enough time in a day to talk to my "real spouse," I can't imagine having enough time for a deep friendship with a "work spouse." And when in the day would I ever carve out enough time to buy a work spouse a Valentine?...more

One Chinese Mother's Voice

"Why Chinese Mothers are Superior," an essay in the Wall Street Journal, skittered across the screens of my various electronic devices several times this weekend.  In this provocative essay, author Amy Chua compares Western and Chinese parental mindsets, illustrating the “strictness” of Chinese child-rearing, citing this as the reason for the stereotypical “successful” prodigies raised in Chinese families. As the product of a Chinese mother, and a Chinese mother raising little “prodigies” myself, the article left me conflicted.  ...more
We live in China and I found the book fascinating and also sad. I grieved over all the hours ...more

In the Spirit of the Holidays: Donating to Charities and Avoiding Scams

A Giving Spirit Once upon a time, I volunteered, freely giving of my time and money, as much as possible....more

On Being a Good Mother, and Why Erica Jong Was Mostly Wrong

But, she adds, "I can't imagine having done it any other way." So why could she not leave it at that, admit that she did it the only way that she could, that she did the best she could, and sure, maybe she made some mistakes along the way -- one cannot mother without making some mistakes along the way -- and maybe she wished that there had been other alternatives for her, but end of the day: she did her best, full stop. Isn't that what we should all aim for? ...more
<p>Sure, in a perfect world I'd be a perfect mom</p>  I adore being a mother.   It ...more

It’s that time of year again…Parent-Teacher Conferences

Back in the beginning of time, okay, when I started this blog, I thought I would give advice to younger moms (with younger children) – you know, been there, done that kind of advice....more

Striking a Balance: Tips for Effective Decision Making

The Decision Ironically, as I sit here now, writing about decision making, I'm in the crux of making a decis...more