Wall of Fame: 10-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest to Discover a Supernova

While you may have rung in the New Year watching fireworks, 10-year-old Kathryn Aurora Gray celebrated by witnessing a different kind of explosion in the sky. Over the weekend, the 5th grader from New Brunswick, Canada became the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. ...more

F*** Me, Ray Bradbury (or, She Loves "The Town Where No One Got Off")

And I thought *I* was the biggest Ray Bradbury fan of all time. This is the best thing I've seen since the Bronte Sisters action figures. ...more

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Wall of Fame: Helen Mirren Is Still Really, Really Hot

Helen Mirren continues to be my hero. It's not even just that she's still rockin' (and doesn't seem to be surgically enhanced) at 64, it's also that she has such confidence in her bodacious self. As someone who's suffered severe body image issues and eating disorders in the past, I admire anyone who feels comfortable in her own skin, especially as she ages so beautifully. ...more

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(VIDEO) Wall of Fame: "Glee" Star Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) vs. the iPhone 4

Glee star Jane Lynch compares herself to the iPhone 4 (YouTube phenom KassemG) in a parody of every Apple commercial. ...more

(VIDEO) Wall of Fame: 12-Year-Old Talks to 911 While Thieves Are in Her Bedroom With Her

Watching this video made my hair stand on end. This girl is so brave and so smart, but the 911 operator is a hero, too. See for yourself. ...more

She is a brave girl, indeed. And the 911 dispatcher did a great job.