Wall of Shame: Majority Leader Reid Calls Gillibrand "Hottest Senator"

Why no, he didn't mean "hottest" like "she takes a stand on the hottest issues" including cyber security and health care. According to Maggie Haberman at Politico.com, this happened yesterday at a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: ...more

All I can say is Go http://www.nameitchangeit.org/
Boy do we need more women in politics so ...more

Wall of Shame: Baby Boudoir Is Icky

I'm all about women loving their bodies, whatever their shape. Posing for boudoir photos was an empowering experience that allowed me to celebrate my curves and my personality. I loved flaunting what I'm rockin' for the photographer, for my husband and, ultimately, myself. I've encouraged all of my female friends to do it as well. But I don't encourage their two-year-old daughters. Or their four-month-old babies, either. ...more

I find it so sad how little girls are so sexualized in our culture (as well as others). If aged ...more

Wall of Shame: Babysitter Puts Wine in Baby's Sippy Cup, Gets Eight Years in Prison

According to the Times-Georgian, a Georgia babysitter gave her infant charge a sippy cup filled with wine, bringing his blood alcohol level to .33, a condition considered to be life-threatening. ...more

Wow. People are crazy.

Deana Birks inspire me!