Are you using Walmart's Savings Catcher app?

There are lots of couponing apps that I've tried.  Some are good, some too much of a pain to use regularly or with any real success.  I've tried Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Savingstar.  But Walmart's new Savings Catcher app has me pretty excited, and I'm not usually a Walmart shopper, but this is changing up my game!  (And I GOT GAME)...more

What Do You Mean You're "Not a Target Person"?

Go on. Get yourself together. Pour yourself a drink in that tumbler from the dollar bin. Have some Market Pantry comfort food ready. Find a Nate Berkus throw pillow in case you need something to beat in disbelief. Maybe pop an Up & Up ibuprofen. It’s about to get raw and real in here....more
I shopped in a Target once. Once. In 2007. It was for a Christmas gift for a friend, buying an ...more


This is what my sis and I should have done yesterday - stayed home!...more

What We Can Learn From Coverage of A Mother Thing's Walmart Post

There was a girl at camp who told us stories that didn't quite add up. They may have been true, or they may have been outright lies; as kids, we had no way to know. My friends and I sometimes privately joked about the stories, which always ended with someone pulling the girl back from the brink of death, but we never confronted the girl, or publicly humiliated her, or called her mother to corroborate the story. Mostly because ... what if? ...more
Sorry for the late response to this thought-provoking post. I've actually been thinking about ...more

Hairy Beasts

 I know I complain about Walmart all the time and for those of you silly enough to ask, "What in the hell is a Walmart?" just consider yourselves lucky.I still hate Walmart. I hate the people that shop at Walmart and everytime I leave there, I feel like I need to be hosed down with bleach.As a side note, do you think Walmart would like to advertise with me? Even negative attention is good, amirite?...more

Kroger vs Wal Mart

For a long time now Kroger's was one of the only places to get your groeries around here.  As I got older more and more grocers popped up, some sticking around for years others were gone so fast I barely remember their names!Just recently Cincinnati and Daytonn regional Kroger's announced that they would be slashing prices on hundreds of items and as of March 1st would no longer take double coupons, that has thrown a wrench in my savings plans let me tell ya!...more

Childbirth vs. Wal-mart

You know, in strange way, going to Super Wal-mart is like having a baby.  I know, I know…that sounds weird, but that’s how my brain works.  Hear me out, and you might just see how the two are alike....more

Thursday: Pedal, Pedal

I did manage to get up with my alarm this morning.  But since I pushed my alarm back 30 minutes, it is a hollow victory.  But 30 minutes later on purpose is better than 60 minutes later by accident I guess....more

Confessions of a Non-Budgeting Grocery Shopper

Today, I went into Walmart with the intention of spending less than $100. We needed random things I hadn't needed to buy in a while, like mayo, salt, dish soap, and sandwich bags. But we also needed regular items like eggs, bread, flour, and onions. I actually had to make a list, or I would have walked out of there without cat litter (yikes!) or something, which I really couldn't go another day without....more
 @Karen Ballum Shopping alone is for sure dangerous. At least when I have my kids with me, I'm ...more

Better Solutions!

GiftedOK, my Ccard was HACKED! The store website only suggested that I change my password. Shouldn't they have offered other suggestions to resolve this issue:* Steps they'll take to investigate the problem.* How going forth they will counteract such actions in the future, so that I can continue my consumer relationship with their business. (e.g. security question at end of each purchase)* What I can do to protect my card from further use (e.g. cancel the card, file police report.)...more