Complete Guide to Amtrak Travel

Today on my blog, I'm sharing my guide to traveling by Amtrak train!Check it out here. ...more

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I have a passion for traveling—deep, abiding wanderlust and a consuming love for adventure.I’ve been fortunate to visit 42 of the 50 states, and various places like Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. Two years ago, though, I was finally able to take two full weeks off and travel overseas. Thankfully, I got to do the same thing about a month ago. During those combined four weeks, we visited Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece—with 75% of that time spent in Italy. Heavenly, dreamy, unmatched Italy....more
ragazzadevino I kept my hands completely out of it! The few times I had to use them, I was in ...more

Has God given me wanderlust?

Today was pretty terrible. I have days where I'm fine, living here in the dark and the cold, and days where I'm just not. I want to strike out - adventure - live fully - breathe deeply of ocean air - see the countryside in England - meet a sheep - live in a village. Today I'm aching to travel and explore and see. Tonight as I sit on my bed, cross-legged, the computer in my lap, I'm still sad in my heart because I'm here, and I wonder: did God give me this wanderlust? Does He want me to get out there, explore, see, enjoy His creation?...more

8 Books & Movies that Inspire Wanderlust

While I may dream of waking up to an undisturbed view of the sun rising over a white sand beach and clear waves lapping lazily on the shore, the fact is not everyday is an adventure when balancing wanderlust with a 9-5 career. While my blog, The Pin the Map Project, centers around how one makes the transition from the cubicle to the open road, there are regular days–like today–when I’m not able to satisfy my travel bug with the wave of a passport and the purchase of a plane ticket.When the monotony of the corporate world, the hurriedness of New York City and lack of immediate travel plans have me scanning airline sites like a religion, I turn towards feel-good books and inspiring movies that take me on an adventure, fuel my wanderlust & leave me breathless with excitement for my next trip....more

Which side of a mudslide? A Guatemalan bus ride decides for me.

Travel has taught me that some blessings are extremely well disguised, especially in Guatemala. Tempering any expectations of a smooth trip from the highlands to the islands, before departure we watched a mechanic crawl under our bus with a hammer and some duct tape. So, Cathy and I bought some "emergency" beer for the road. ...more