An Open Letter to My Prochoice Friends

Dear Pro-Choice Friends,You and I disagree, so the  media and the politicians would have us believe that we are at war. They tell us that there is a war on women and a war between women. Such hawkish rhetoric is no doubt meant to elicit from us a sense of moral outrage against each other. This kind of divisive talk might boost rating and get votes, but I'm not buying it. We are not at war. We are on the same team. We are mothers and wives, daughters and sisters and friends.  We do not always agree, but we are on the same team....more

This Feminist's Box

Look, feminism is a squidgy topic these days. Now that we can vote and own property and work and stuff, what's the problem, amirite? Do we really need to keep "making people aware" of the stereotypes perpetuated and marginalization of women in modern society? Doesn't everyone already know? And if they do know, doesn't that make it individual choice? And if women are choosing to live in certain ways and enjoy certain things, isn't that what the main push of first and second wave feminism was about anyway? Haven't we won?Yes and no....more

Point-Counterpoint: The War on Men

By now you’ve probably heard about the tizzy over Suzanne Venker’s article “The War on Men." In it, the anti-feminist speaker and author of a new book called “How to Find A Husband”! (exclamation point mine) argues that the reason men don’t want to get married and are generally miserable is because of feminists. ...more
Weirdly, neither the "point" author nor the "counterpoint" author talked much about the reasons ...more

2012 DNC - An on-the-ground, personal view from a CA Delegate

 I’m sorry I didn’t send email during the Democratic Convention this year as I did 4 years ago and I apologize for being so long getting something out. As a delegate this time, I was so busy during this convention that I didn’t have time to write. Then I was traveling for a week after the convention  If you'd like to be added to my email list, sign up at I ask for geographical information, so that I don't send Silicon Valley specific things to people who don't live here....more

Reactions on Campus to the Republican War on Women

Hello all,I've been swamped lately! I realized last night that I hadn't done a blog post in almost three weeks (oops), so I need to get back on the track of feminist feline blogging!...more

The War on Women: Religion

I live in a country that I appreciate because we are allowed some freedoms many countries are not. In my country, women without means have access to birth control. Women can terminate a pregnancy if necessary without threat of being criminalized or having to risk an illegal procedure that can be life threatening and dangerous. These rights are under attack. It has been proposed that abortion be made illegal, that our government shouldn’t pay for birth control....more
Recently, Melinda Gates personally threw her weight (and part of the Foundation's billions) ...more