The War on Women: Government

Let’s imagine for a moment that the women of this country are denied access to birth control and that abortion is no longer an option. We now live in a country where any woman who becomes pregnant has to give birth to that child, regardless of circumstance. How would that affect the country?...more

The War on Women: The Economy

One of the most confusing points conservatives make regarding women’s rights in The United States is the one of cost. The idea that it is too costly to make birth control easily accessible or free is convoluted. A responsible woman who knows using protection is a better alternative to unwanted pregnancy should be denied birth control just because she can’t afford it? Sex is a natural part of being human. By their 19th birthday, seven in ten female and male teens have had intercourse....more

Being a Woman is not a “Pre-Existing Condition”

Why Women 18-35 Pay the Highest Price for Health CareDid you know that women, especially 18-35 year old women, pay up to 31% more than men for insurance? And, not because they have more “complicated” health care needs. I’m talking about apples-to- apples coverage unrelated to, say, pregnancy. ...more

Are You Sure There's No War on Women? My Health Story

Are you absolutely certain there is no Republican "war on women"? Because I'm a little frightened to be a woman in this country right now, and from where I'm standing, I feel like I am under attack. Women are being bombarded with legislature at the state and federal level aimed at taking away our rights. And Republicans are leading the charge. ...more
We need a new word. Rush Limbaugh recently reminded us that the only words for sexually active ...more

War on Women.

Every time the Presidential elections show their ugly faces. One party always seems to get by through the singling out and vilifying of one group or another in this great country. Typically gay marriage would be the hot topic of right wing assault but with more states going "pro gay" this year with pro gay marriage legislation. the war seems to be on women. Abortion is not a new political talking point but 2012 is quickly turing out to be the year of mass uterine hysteria....more

My Friends Think I'm the Only Liberal They Know. I Don't Know What I Am.

I'm pro guns (legally, in the right hands), but I’m pro birth control. I’m not for using guns as birth control, unless of course you count shooting the testicles off a child molester. All for that. I’m a feminist, who right now happens to be a misplaced stay at home mom, trying not to go crazy while her kid is in school full time. And soon I’ll be trying not to go crazy when my kid is out of school full time for the summer....more
@KimWCPosse If it sparked something awesome, I'm happy. I neglected the Starbucks card but am ...more

The GOP War on Women's Subtext: A Return to the Baby Scoop Era

But the subtext of this “debate” that jumps out for me is adoption. After all, people have been having sex -- shame or no shame, birth control or no birth control, ever since God said, (in renaissance English) “be fruitful, and multiply.” They’ll go on having sex, whether women can enjoy it safely or not, and when they do, sometimes, unplanned babies will be born. And in a world where single parenting (read “single mothering”) is being pathologized by law as leading to child abuse, those unplanned babies will have to go somewhere....more
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A 21st Century War on Women – Really?

Why? Colleagues, friends and family of both genders and all political persuasions continue to shake our heads in disbelief. The dialogue today is stunning.  Shocking. Are we really going to have a “new” discussion about women’s role in society, reproductive rights and ability to think for ourselves?...more

Testeria: Mass Male Hysteria

(VIDEOS) The Pence Amendment and Planned Parenthood: Do More Than Sign a Petition

You might feel outnumbered (though you are actually in the majority), or that you don’t have the money or mainstream media access to be effective. So you must use what you've got, and believe me when I tell you that the resources you need are always there if you can see them and have the courage to use them. ...more
@NewWomanOrder "New Woman Order" really? I mean its a clever take on the NWO but. is that what ...more