Interview with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

With finances a little tight this year, I've had to reduce the number of organizations I'm donating to in 2009. One of the ones I am continuing to support is Women for Women International. ...more

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview (:

On Torture

I've been following, at a distance, the "debates" on torture.  Since I'm in a race against time to finish (in draft ) The Doves by May 31 (I finished Chapter 19 yesterday), I've pretty much punched out of current events.  My husband, the writer Philip Gold, sends me articles he thinks I should read, such as this one on Russian death squads ...more

Army says TBI (traumatic brain injury) may be overdiagnosed

Oh boy. I'm not even sure if I should comment on this one. ...more

the Kandern War Memorial (a sestina)

a memorial to war, this monument holds all the grief of those now silent unable to remember this grey green tower guards the beauty of insignificant lives. their memory lives in the names etched on this monument in the wreaths left to guard against forgetfulness, a grief worse than to remember all these silent why are you silent are there too many lives here to remember too many similar monuments all pointing to the same grief all statues in the same guard ...more

The Battle Against Sexual Predators in the US Military

A woman who joins the US military probably expects to be exposed to life-treatening situations, traumatic violence and harsh living conditions. She probably doesn't expect to be raped by her comrades in arms. ...more

I don't know what to say and this makes me so angry I just stare at the screen in silence. ...more

ICC warrants + Sudan's president = toxic cocktail

A protest against the ICC and in support of Sudan's president in Khartoum, March 4, 2009. Photo/REUTERS ...more

Good news out of Darfur

You may still be grappling at the title of my post but read on. One of the most active rebel groups fighting in Darfur and the government in Khartoum have agreed to sign a so-called "declaration of good intentions" which could further lead to a possible peace deal in the region. What does it mean? ...more

Cook Up a Revolution for Women's Rights!

Mama Cash is an international women's fund known for its support of daring women's human rights initiatives worldwide. Since 1983, Mama Cash has granted over 35 million Euros to approximately 6,000 women's organisations fighting for safety, economic justice and full participation for women in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Right now, Mama Cash is hosting the first-ever global dinner party for women's rights, and you are invited. ...more

Israel: Trying to Live with Terrorism: Bomb in the Bread Section

The following are a couple of difficult memories of life in Israel. Difficult, because, really, why can’t the Jews just be left alone in their own little country on the Mediterranean?   ...more

Balancing the good news out of Africa versus the bad - a foreign reporter's perspective

  Lake Victoria "Oh you mzungu's," (mzungu basically means white person in Swahili) a skeptical Kenyan journalist said to me. "You just tell bad stories about us here. There is never any good news." ...more

I read this post about a week ago on your blog - it's interesting to think about the balance ...more