Why I Think Sarah Palin is the Antichrist

Why I think Sarah Palin is the Antichrist Under that updo, I'm pretty sure you'll find horns, or at least 666 tatooed onto the back of her head.   ...more

Ohhhhh Bama

Ooooohhh Bama September 10th, 2008 Dear Barack, ...more

Wait! Come Back! We Didn't Mean It!

Come back!  We were just kidding!  We don’t hate you, really!  So will come the supplications from the once-proud democracies of Europe.  Turns out America as the world’s lone superpower might not be so bad after all.  As Russian fascism re-emerges, transmogrified into what one might euphemistically call a “Corporate State,” and China’s leaders show no signs of taking their boots off of their citizens’ faces, the brave soldiers for democracy of the traditional European states are ready once again to hide behind America’s broad back.  Of course, the nasc ...more

The Stakes in Georgia Are Sky High!

Stakes in Georgia Pierce the Sky. PublicFriday, 15 August 2008 ...more

Is There a Buddha in the White House?

I read A Path with a Heart by Jack Kornfield several years ago and one story that never left me was a Buddhist exercise in which you are to imagine that everyone around you, from your friends, family and coworkers to the person next in line at the grocery story, is an enlightened Buddha and they are all trying to teach you something. The game is to imagine that you are the only one who doesn't "get it" and your task is to learn the lesson the Buddhas are trying to teach you. ...more

Ten TV Shows And Movies That Taught Me Something About War

I'm lucky. I've never had to serve in a war or known someone close who's died in one. Even though I learned the facts and figures of war in school, the impact of war I learned from television and the movies. In honor of Memorial Day, this post is about what I've learned about war. ...more

I only watched a few episodes of more

Retreat? Defeat? Victory? Excuse me?

I am going to try to keep this one short so bear with me.  Please remind this twenty something.  Did we or did we not announce victory in iraq in 2005?  This is one Hell of a march home if you ask me.  So, you go in there, drag out a despot, and lo and behold, W, it turns out that daddy was right about Iraq.  He knew quite well that doing a war like this would mea that the uS would essentially have to "Rule" Iraq once Saddam was removed.  So, you claim the Iraquis need to have a stable government before we leave, and yet you let them laze about in putting it together, making ...more

The point I was trying to make before I got sidetracked is that the republican mantra of ...more

Bush Calls for Immediate Halt of Troop Withdrawals, By Recommendation of General Petraeus

My younger sister, Rachel, received notice that her National Guard unit will be deployed to Iraq in February 2009. It's a little difficult for me to think forward to next year, but when discussing the Iraq War, February is not that far away. Even more difficult to comprehend is my 23-year-old sister going off to war. ...more

Kim, thank you for your prayers.  I  can't wait for the day when all of our troops come home.  ...more