Tibet crisis: Why India needs to sit up and take notice

After weeks of "restraint" and insistence that Tibet was China's internal problem, India was put off this week, just a wee bit. China summoned the Indian ambassador at 2 a m to hand over details of protests that exiled Tibetans were allegedly planning in India. India immediately called off a high-level commerce-related visit to China. ...more

Hi Snigdha

My name is Vijay. Im working on making a documentray about career choices of ...more

What is it good for?

Hope's War (first discovered by me through Showtime's Black Filmmaker Showcase in 2006). ~ Returning U.S. troops suffer hearing loss in record numbers, By Chelsea J. Carter, AP via Yahoo! News. ...more

WebCam from Iraq for Christmas

My favorite Christmas gift this year? Seeing my son via webcam on Christmas evening, direct from Iraq. It's a far cry from his deployment in 2003, when the troops were so poorly supplied they sometimes had no sleeping bags, cooked their food by putting it on stone walls in the sun, and slept in burned out buildings. I don't know where my son is, but I know conditions are much better now, with offices, computers, high speed internet, and good food. ...more

Support Women Survivors of War with $27/month

"The program 'has dared me to hope-of having a house, of living in peace, of reclaiming my dynamism, my dignity. If not director of a school, I would like to be someone of importance, someone of value again.'"--Honorata (pictured above) about her experience with Women for Women International. ...more

Hi Cooper,

That is awesome that you have been supporting Women for Women for such a long ...more

I remember

How do you remember something you have never experienced? It’s a struggle isn’t it, to try and fully respect and appreciate the suffering inflicted by war? You hear stories and you try to imagine what it must have been like, but the for the most part our lives are so comfortable, so bountiful, that the horrors of war seem like a distant passion play. Like all of you, I have read about the impact of war in countless history books. I have proudly worn my red poppy every November. I have listened to pundits and veterans talk about their experiences. ...more

A Soldier's Skin - Mary Beth Heffernan's Photos

At first I wasn't gong to do this. I was tired and internally moaning about my work is crap and other people do it better and I need a nap and it is just too much. This is a clear indication that there are other areas in my life that are bothering me. Shooting and editing video are good things that I need to do more of, not less. One of the good things about National Blog/Vlog Posting Month is the constant re-statement, it doesn't have to be good, perfect or life transformative. You just gotta do it. ...more

A completely emotional and all-too-female war protest

This was written yesterday, 9/11/07. My feelings about this are so strong they will take a while to process, but I’m doing a brain dump of the preliminary feelings now, in part because I know deep down that I may never come back. This is actually very hard. Saw Cameron today. I love Cameron. Cameron was one of my favorite students by the end of last school year, but I really intensely dreaded 5th period the entire fall semester last year in part because of Cameron. ...more