Wardrobe Essential: The Pencil Skirt

There’s something about a pencil skirt that says powerful, sophisticated, and sexy all at the same time.  The way it hugs your curves while only showing a little bit of skin is HOT!  The pencil skirt can be styled for the office, for a date, or a night out with your ladies. ...more

obsessed: theory

(from 20something cupcakes)I'm obsessed with Theory for quite a few reasons. Like this one. ...more

A Spring Wardrobe Update

As my regular readers know, I got a job last fall. In an office! With a computer and a phone and a boss! It’s all very exciting – and it’s all slightly expensive too. You see, I had been “at home” for about 15 years, raising my three boys and being a wife. I loved it lots but one of those boys is off to college in a few months and…well, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say. ...more

Basic Black Pants - Yes, You DO Need a Pair

There aren't a lot of things that I can say with absolute certainty; I don't know what's for dinner tonight or where my car keys are most of the time.  However, I can guarantee that at some point in the next litle while (six months, three months, two weeks, whatever) you will need a pair of pants that are not jeans.  ...more

I've worked with women and their wardrobes for years.  It is amazing what you can pull ...more

Breaking up is hard to do

Off the top of your head, tell me this: how much of your wardrobe do you REALLY wear, on a regular basis? Half? A third? Or, as our own Chris guessed when I asked about her closet, ten percent? Be honest. ...more

We'll talk about getting through the post-baby window soon, I promise. And while you shouldn't ...more