new experience: the warm up is not the work out

Hi folks,I went running on Tuesday, despite all the sore muscles and it went really well. So technically this post should be called run #1 & work out #2, but since the running is quite boring actually, I'm not writing about it.I have also decided that I will start to count from the beginning if I miss a work out due to acute laziness. A bit like an alcoholic starts to count from the beginning when they slip up....more

The Dressage/Massage Warm-up.

What if an arena ride had the effect of a massage for a horse? Wouldn’t the rider feel great too?...more

Dressage: It Rhymes with Massage.

Competitive Fire: Tips for Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports

  Well, what do you know? Dear Husband is back again today. And it looks like you will get some "Fatherly Advice" on Friday....more

Best Places To Roast By The Fire

From Travelocity's Window Seat Blog This time of year I’ve got the white stuff on the brain. No, no. Not the Hollywood starlet kind of white stuff—I mean snow, of course. And so I begin to convince (some might say coerce) my friends to take a big ski trip with me. ...more