THE ACCOUNTANT Puts Out All the Right Numbers!

 This week is going to be a thrill because director Gavin O’Connor and Warner Bros. is dishing out the suspense with THE ACCOUNTANT.Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) has a way with number, not just any way but a wizards’ way. In a little shopping mall is ZZZ Accounting where he helps his clients in ways that leave them surprised....more

STORKS Brings Laughter and Family Time to Our Military and Their Children!

   Are you ready for family togetherness? The GI Film Festival San Diego brought all service men, women and their children together to share in director Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland and Warner Bros. land of STORKS....more


The time has come ladies for that night out you’ve been waiting for all year from director Gregory Jacobs and Warner Bros. is MAGIC MIKE XXL. It has been three years since Mike (Channing Tatum) has graced a strip floor as his dream of building custom furniture has happened. Being his own boss, Mike is trying to do right by his one employee but money is tight and relationships over. ...more

New Buffy Movie WITHOUT Whedon?!? Hand Me a Stake!

Fans of the cult favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer series are unhappily whittling wooden stakes over news from Warner Bros. Pictures and Atlas Entertainment that a new Buffy movie will be produced for 2011 or 2012. You would think that new adventures for the epic Slayer would be cause for celebration, but the effect is the opposite because the new movie will be made without the participation of Buffy's beloved creator Joss Whedon. ...more

No Whedon, no way!

They could at least pander to us hardcore fans by bringing in Jane ...more