This is your 2-minute warning

My little bear bears through the morning routine the best way he can. He whimpers as I help him get dressed and he slunks off to completed his bathroom stuff on his own. By the time he is finished, he is fully awake and ready to play. Our deal is that he can have screentime on his iPad until it is time to go to school....more

Warning For Parents – New Deadly Synthetic Drug – Video

This new drug has caused at least 19 deaths nationwide.“NBOMe,” named after the chemical components used to make it. ...more

Compare the Apologies: Ed Schultz versus Mark Halperin. What do you think?

Media matters, coverage matters, talk shows set tones for viewers.  So what does the difference between the two apologies mean? If you are wondering what I'm talking about -- my first reaction to Halperin calling President Obama "a kind of a dick" on a morning talk show can be found here....more

Running On Empty

Have you been suffering from chronic fatigue lately? Find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to shut off your brain? Feeling at a low… emotionally, physically or spiritually? Have you lost your appetite?...more

Severe Weather At-Home Survival Tips

by Kris Kosach A View of the Authors Neighbo...more

Being A "Good Adult" On The Internet

So someone posed a question on snapvine about how to be a "good adult" on the internet, and I wanted to talk about it here. She had an idea that every adult on the internet should... cyber-adopt [?] every kid they come across to give them advice on how to stay safe on the internet. I personally don't like that. I'm not anyone's parent so why should I have to act like one when I get on the internet? ...more