3 Benefits of Pressure Washing Services.

 First of all, do you know what pressure washing is? ...more

Things That Can Go in the Dishwasher or Washing Machine

We got a puppy this past fall. She’s adorable. And a puppy. So we have had a love/hate relationship with her at times. We love how cute, and sweet, and smart she can be. But we have hated the housebreaking, and wild energy, and puppy teething we have gone through. ...more
Wanted to add that vinegar is the way to go for odor killing!more

Technique Thursday: How to Wash Vegetables

I found myself in a slightly awkward situation a few days ago. And let me preface this by saying that those with whom I was talking probably didn’t find the situation awkward at all. I was discussing with some folks about how to wash vegetables, when a good friend asked me, ‘Why do you soak your produce in vinegar-diluted water? Will it really remove the pesticide residues any better?’ I stuttered a half-confident "I heard it from a friend."...more

Tips: Stain Removal and Laundry Solutions

Don't you wish you knew how to wash your 'Dry Clean Only' clothes at home? Think about the money you would save....more

Voodoo dolls and balsa wood

Sunday afternoon in ex-pat land and we’re still ‘Living the dream’...We’d planned to do a car boot sale today in a desperate attempt to fill the family coffers and allow us to proceed with the next stage of the renovation project from hell. So yesterday saw us loading most of our household contents into the transit. Its amazing what you don’t really need......more

Are YOUR hands CLEAN?

What's the best way to keep your hands clean? ...more


Well what an exciting evening I’m having: a committee meeting, half an hour of television and now I’ve just finished sorting socks. Yes, socks – straight out of the washing machine and dryer.  ...more