Sports Drink or Water — Which is Better for You?

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What Do You Do When They Turn Your Water Off?

The US Declaration of Independence lists among the "inalienable rights" of all people the rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We've all heard it a million times but what does it really mean in our modern society? Does the right to life simply mean the right to BE alive?...more

Photo Friday: Water

I think this might just be my most favourite spot in all of Windsor. The fountain is stored over the winter months, so you can always tell that summer is coming when they set it up again each year! Spring and summer weekends just don't feel complete without taking a walk in the park and feeling the spray from the Peace Fountain. ...more

Stimulate Your Brain

A recent British study revealed that people who drank three cups of water with breakfast in the morning scored better on tests that measured reaction time than did the test takers who skipped drinking water.  The researchers aren't quite sure how hydration affects the brain, and think it may be simply that thirst distracts a person, which makes it difficult to focus....more

Your Health and the Holidays: How to Reduce Stress, Enjoy the Parties, and Have a Happy New Year

The holidays are stressful. Yes, they're a lot of fun too, but it's too easy to forget to take care of yourself when you're running around from party to party or fretting about wrapping gifts. This means that tiny problems can snowball into bigger issues when it comes to your health. In order to get the most out of this holiday season without getting yourself rundown and sick, we've compiled these ideas to keep you healthy and happy. ...more

A Recycled Soda Post

Today is Tuesday-As-Friday for me…so here is a post I wrote a little over a year ago that got recognized by the WP powers-that-be.  It was a very last-minute post, written after I had come out of the hospital and needing something to still be “in” NaBloPoMo 2012.  While I have cut back dramatically on the soft drinks since this was written, I could still use some improvement.  Now is as good a time as any for me to recommit to becoming healthy-ish and not wait until January....more

31 October 1 Water

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Organic Water? What Is Wrong With You People?


Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells - AROMA CUCINA

Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells -  AROMA CUCINA sustainability? It’s the deal of the century where you responsibly meet your fellow villagers at the well. What’s wrong with that?  If you’re Italian, you’ll have reason to complain… ...more