My Messy, Beautiful Homebirth

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I welcomed my sweet little man into our world.  Almost one year since my homebirth dream became a reality.  Almost one year since I undertook one of the messiest experiences of my entire life which is one of the most beautiful memories in my entire life....more
Beautiful. Congratulations!more

My Water Baby

The birth of my second baby was so moving it was like a rebirth of my soul and a newfound belief in myself and what I was capable of. Although my first birth was beautiful, I didn't feel prepared despite taking a birthing class. During labor I went to a very dark place deep inside myself, feeling so scared and isolated in my pain not even my husband or mother could penetrate it....more
Here is a link to the story of my daughter's birth (my first born.) This story is also entered ...more

Overcoming Fear: Our Birth Story, Part 4 (The Final Installment!)

When I was preparing for our daughter's birth I read every birth story I could get my hands on. It helped me overcome my fear of the unknown and accept the fact that every birth is different. It helped me really internalize the idea of relaxing and trusting my body and my instincts. ...more

Overcoming Fear: Our Birth Story, Part 3

If you read Part 1 and Part 2 of our birth story, you're probably wondering when I actually get around to having the baby. This is the post. Fair warning if you're don't like graphic details--this post maybe a little TMI! ...more

Waterbirth International needs financial help to stay afloat

Waterbirth International is a 20-year-old organization founded by Barbara Harper with one goal in mind: "To make water birth an available option for all women." Since the organization's inception, Waterbirth International has been providing education, training, programs, consultations and birthing pools to women and health care providers all over the world. But WI is facing serious financial difficulties and is in danger of closing its doors permanently by January 31. Although Waterbirth International acknowledges that their participation in the Gentle Birth World Congress was "a fabulous success in every way for international and local attendees," they accept that it drained all of their resources. As a result, they are in desperate need of raising $200,000 in donations to keep the organization alive. ...more

I hope that WI is able to keep its doors open. I remember reading Gentle Birth Choices back ...more

Midwifery in America: Homebirths

Hospitals aren’t the only avenue of care for pregnant women. For centuries, midwives were the primary caregivers for pregnant and laboring women. Read about midwifery care & homebirths.(The Wishing Wellness) ...more

If I had it to do over again... and of course wasn't living in 3rd world countries... I'd ...more