5 tips for keeping the garden alive during a drought

 What? You garden doesn't look like this mid-January?...more

Saving Water in an Apartment Building

My love of recycling/up cycling comes in part from my need to not waste things. I don't like to waste food, paper, gas, scraps of fabric, basically I'm like your Grandma. I re-use cereal boxes! (Remember my business cards?) So, it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that we like to conserve our water! Living in a building certainly makes it trickier, but here our 10 ways we save our H2O....more

Teach Your Kids about Water Conservation

August 26 through 31 is World Water Week; it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about water conservation.Water, water everywhere...more

Trash Talk Tuesday: It’s All About H20

It’s Trash Talk Tuesday! We could debate global warming! Or, I could knock you over the head with why idling your SUV in the Tim Horton’s line-up is bad for the environment? Or discuss an already fiery eyed topic like the Tar Sands?...more

10 No-Brainer Ways to Use Water Wisely. Plus, a Bonus...

As I pointed out previously, we're drinking the same water Cleopatra drank....more

We're Drinking the Same Water as Cleopatra. Is It as Clean?

Did you get a drink or throw in a load of laundry before starting to read this blog, written in honor of Blog Action Day? You probably could have, given the easy access most of us have to clean water....more

Walking for Water

When you turned on the tap today to get a drink of water, did you think twice about it?  I know I usually don't.  It's easy to think that water is abundant and everlasting because of the ease in which it flows from our taps. Truth is, only about 1% of our Earth's water is drinkable and almost a billion people on this planet are without access to clean, safe drinking water.  Even worse, every week almost 38,000 children under 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. When I mentioned that fact to my 10-year old he thought I was joking for sure. ...more

we should always feel lucky that we have enough supply of clean water but we should never forget ...more

Blog Action Day 2010:WATER

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Bloggers all over the world are writing about our most precious resource for Blog Action Day 2010. For my contribution I've compiled a list of 5 easy ways to conserve water in your garden. Read all about it at The Garden Buzz ...more


Have you ever felt guilty about watching your favorite sporting event or drama instead of the documentary that you should be watching?...more

It was very shocking! I couldn't believe the money this industry is making for basically just ...more

9 Creative Ways to Save Water.

Our water usage has fallen by the wayside in the news since we had no droughts last year. I, however, like to be proactive rather than reactive. I also know that just because we avoided droughts in this country for a year or two it is not a sign that the water crisis has been averted. So I thought, as spring and summer are coming, which means less condensation, it was a great time to talk again about water conservation. Here are 9 ways to save or reuse water....more