World Water Day 2013

Today, March 22, marks the 20th annual World Water Day and if you are reading this, there's a good chance you can walk over to a tap, turn it on and expect clean water, but for 800 million people (mostly women and children), this is not a reality. Add to this rising temperatures, exploding populations, increasing droughts and widening pollution and it all adds up to one word: crisis. ...more
@HomeRearedChef Beautiful! Something I will try to say every day. Thanks, Virginia.more

What the 'F...' Is Fracking?

It sounds like it could be a new dance ("Let's do the frack!"). Or maybe it's a cool way to clean your house ("I really fracked my floor this week; it looks great now!")...more
this is such a great post! such substance. I am geared up to watch gasland now!


In "Split Estate," Homeowners' Land and Rights Are Sold Right From Under Them

The push to expand domestic oil and gas drilling in the United States is creating some vexing dilemmas for homeowners who complain about what some companies are doing under the surface of their land. According to a new documentary, Split Estate, energy companies that obtain drilling rights on private lands are subjecting homeowners to toxic pollutants, ruining their livelihoods and generally wreaking havoc with the quality of their lives. At the same time, some homeowners and municipalities see the practice as a lucrative opportunity, and energy companies insist they make every effort to respect homeowners rights. Meanwhile, proposed legislation in the House and Senate that would force some drilling companies to disclose information about the toxins they produce is stuck in committee. ...more

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