“Look At Me” Leo Moon This Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday, 10/26 & 10/27, we are treated to a Fiery Leo Moon and all that it involves. The weekend can be full of fun, largesse, a little bit of showing off and lots of regal generosity of spirit. Enjoy any festivities you find yourself in the middle of whether planned or unplanned. The 5th sign of the Zodiac is ruled by the Sun so a natural drift toward theatrics and melodrama could push thru. Take it in stride....more

Get Ready For Passionate, Intense Scorpio Sun!

On October 22, Pacific Time, and October 23, 2013, Eastern Time, the Sun moves into Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac. It brings intensity and deep feelings ,and can take partnerships to new sensual, sizzling heights. ...more

Full Blue Moon in Sensitive Pisces This Weekend

The “Full” phase of the Moon intensifies the characteristics of the Astrology sign it’s in. When the Moon is Full in Watery Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, expect: emotion, creativity, hazy reality. Friday August 31, 2012, is the 2nd Full Moon for this month. A rare occurrence, it only happens every 2 years or so – it’s referred to as “Blue”. (You know that expression – “once in a blue Moon”.)...more

Weekend Moon in Compassionate, Caring Cancer 3/2/12

The Moon is comfy this weekend as it sits in the Zodiac sign it rules. Watery, moody Cancer gets us ready for family, food and home. Domesticity has its merits, make yourself, and anyone who happens to stop by, comfortable and happy if you can. You’ll enjoy it.  ...more

New Moon and Sun in Pisces – Dream On!

Pisces intuition and creativity powers up in a gentle way with the New Moon on Tuesday afternoon, February 21, 2012. The Sun is also in this sensitive Water sign and when both luminaries are together, the Moon phase is “new”. This type of Lunar energy is good for starts and beginnings of any kind. So, take the time to plug into your spirituality and inner conversations. Listen, take notes and make use of this dreamy, imaginative time. Go deep. Create something new! ...more

Its Pisces Time!

Sun moves into the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac – imaginative, impressionable, intuitive Pisces. Since it is a Water sign ruled by Neptune, pay attention to your dreams (keep pen and paper next to your bed to take notes ) but stay grounded and connected. Over sensitivity to adverse energy or vibrations is no excuse to drift or try to escape. Be steady, be productive, be creative – which can be great for anyone associated with the arts. Ideas for new music, new choreography, new writing might bubble to the surface faster than usual. Pisces Sun on February 18, 2012, 10:18pm Pacific / February 19, 2012, 1:18am Eastern....more

Astrology: Intense Scorpio New Moon October 26, 2011

The Sun moved into Water sign Scorpio on Sunday 10/23/11 and on Wednesday, 10/26/11, it will be the New Moon’s turn. Since both the Sun and the Lunar orb are in the same sign, (which is what makes the Moon phase “New”), all the emotional, sensitive vibes of this 8th sign of the Zodiac are powered up, intensified – think feelings, changing moods. ...more

Astrology: Creativity Rules for Pisces Moon Weekend!

Starting Friday evening October 7, 2011 a Pisces Moon urges us to paint something, draw something, write something, compose something. Imagination, intuition, impressions surround us this weekend. (Can be great for creativity.)  ...more
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Astrology: Dramatic July 4th Weekend – New Moon & Solar Eclipse

 Busy holiday weekend starts Friday 7/1. There is New Moon energy, always good for beginnings, launches, etc, in the Water sign of Cancer and at the same time, a Partial Solar Eclipse occurs – 4:54 AM Eastern/ 1:54 AM Pacific. As a result, Moon ruled Cancer’s traits may be amped up, so emotions will be very close to the surface, sensitivity heightened – “Feelings, whoa, whoa feeeeelings…”.  Be careful not to overreact if loved ones are tactless. Try to use any uncovered  vulnerability creatively, imaginatively. Feelings can be upbeat and perky, spread it around to those same impolite loved ones....more

Definitely spread the XOs, <3s, etc. But, try to have fun w/any melodrama that might happen to ...more

Astrology: Sun Into Cancer 6/21 – We have Solstice!

Our Summer Solstice, Tuesday June 21, 2011, coincides with the Sun’s swim into the Water sign of Cancer.  This Moon ruled 4th sign of the Zodiac will nurture us thru the longest day of the year. Cancers can be emotional, moody, restless and sensitive, but– they will always take care. Family, real or created, is the primary focus. (Crustacean shell with marshmallow interior.) Just be careful about going overboard with comfort eating and/or needing to be needed. Know what is best for you – with both food and people. ...more