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Organic Water? What Is Wrong With You People?


Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells - AROMA CUCINA

Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells -  AROMA CUCINAhttp://bit.ly/14AdKqXMedieval sustainability? It’s the deal of the century where you responsibly meet your fellow villagers at the well. What’s wrong with that?  If you’re Italian, you’ll have reason to complain… ...more

How I Got Rid of Indigestion

Digesting food might be a big problem for many. Since my childhood, I always found it as a greatest problem in my life. However, as time went by, I planned to solve this problem because I was not able to digest most of my favorite recipes too. So, let’s know some simple tips on food digestion....more

Water: Just How Much Does Your Child Need?

We all know that water is an important nutrient for kids and adults alike. The obvious reason is that it keeps us hydrated.  But when you hear about some of the other wondrous things that water does for your bodies, such as prevent cavities and regulate weight, it's important to make sure our children are getting enough....more

Why plants die from over watering.

I have been doing some reading and talking to a few people who I know about hydroponics, and plants. One of my questions was “How can plants live in water? If you over water a plant, they will die.” When I found the answer, my mind was blown. This all will make sense once you read it....more

My top charities.

Our wold is full of people who need help. This time of year is a great time to give a gift to someone less fortunate. For just a few dollars you can give a child clean water, or supply a family with a goat. I have made a list of some charities that I feel do real good in the world. Check them out. If you see a charity that you would like to give to, please do. Giving a gift on someone else’s behalf is a great idea for the holidays. Let us get to it then. Here is a list of a few charities that I feel would help the most.1. World Vision http://www.worldvision.org...more

On Being Real

This is my first blog post here, and I may already have enemies.Limiting Time Gives You PerspectiveOne of the things that I learned early on in life was that you have to stay true to yourself. Your decisions, your actions, your inaction, you have to live with them. All of them. This becomes even more important when you add in something that could take your life at any moment....more

You dropped your phone in the water!

People say don’t panic if by accident your dropped your iPhone, smartphone, BB, in the water, seriously it never happens to me (she says knocking wood in same time) but I would panic, scream, cry and looking for a solution to save it… quickly…I know toilets are a very common place for those kind of accidents, great!...more