Great Green Christmas Present: The Penguin Water Carbonator

Every now and then, I come across an idea or a product that makes being all virtuous and green so easy and painless that you feel like you've cheated. A perfect example is the Amazing Penguin Water Carbonator. Seriously, this is the most incredible gadget I’ve bought since. . ...more

I suspect that will determine whether you like the soda flavors. I hate sodas and I find the ...more


I was in this very upscale supermarket the other day called GELSON'S, when I came upon a man standing behind a small table, handing out tiny plastic cup-size samples of a NEW brand of water.  ...more

Try Lemon Water To Increase Your Metabolism & Lose Weight

Did you know that increasing your metabolism can help you lose weight? So. How can you increase your metabolism? An easy way is to add lemon to your water. One lemon a day can improve your digestion, increase your metabolism, and help you lose weight. Give it a try. Here's what you do... Get yourself seven lemons for seven days. Start off your day by having some warm water with half of a lemon squeezed in. Throughout the day drink the other half of the lemon in either warm or cold water. ...more

Thanks for the tips Savia. 


Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan

Are you drinking enough water?

We all know how important drinking enough water is to maintaining our optimum health. But it's another one of those things that even though we know, we forget. It’s amazing how easy it is to get busy with our work, and totally forget that we haven’t had a glass of water all day. More than likely, even if you drink water, you're not drinking enough. ...more

The fact that our water needs change with the food we consume is mentioned as a parting ...more

Bailout alternatives: better investments

As the bailout/rescue plan/unchecked spending discussions barrel forward, I look at the enormous sums of money being quoted, and wondered what I would do if I had that much pocket change.  Buy world peace?  Well, close. Some bailout alternatives: ...more

Designer Shoes or Bottled Water?

The Green Goss: It takes ...more

Love Those Wildwood Days!

I am so grateful for my vacation and time away for fun and the sun. We spent a few days on the shores of Wildwood New Jersey. I had much fun: braving the crazy rollercoasters (which scrambled my brains so bad, I had a headache for the longest afterward), and I even braved a scarey ride, which had little kids coming out with a smile on their face, while I on the other hand was scared to death. ...more

If you ask them what the best things were about living in Jersey, they'd include Wildwood in the ...more

Why I Don't Pay for (Bottled) Water Anymore

I'll admit it. I am a waterholic. I drink wayyy more than 8 glasses a day and my friends (seriously) say I make a mean glass of ice water. It's all in the cubage, baby. But I refuse to buy bottled water these days, after years of ambivalence. Why? ...more

You know, it's funny, I keep forgetting and bringing my (BPA free) Nalgene bottle filled with ...more

The Water Table

The girls' auntie got her a water table for our porch. We (the adult women) decided that she needed a porch toy to keep herself entertained while we sit and enjoy the early summer. We went on an expedition (to Toys R Us and Target) to find the perfect water table. We found it at Target. To read full entry please visit my blog   ...more