What's Your Favorite Way To Do It?

7 ways... and all will keep your heart healthy! ...more

Clean Your Lettuce


Tug of War: So says my head

Blog Directory Okay while cleaning out my closets this week and opening drawers to things I hadn't seen let alone smelled in a few months (it'd been awhile) there were times when I just wanted to scrap things and call it a day and other times when I didn't let a soggy situation get the better of me. So would you believe I had a thousand activities I stowed in chunks by my bedroom in-table, stacks by my broken bookshelf, and piles up next to my old VHS collection near my fading Panasonic TV....more

The Battle of the Sexes: Holding-out for Water and Sanitation

True to form, the Cannes film festival provided movie goers with an alternative to high-budget action films by showcasing "The Source" a movie about women who went on a “love strike” to gain access to clean water. The movie, featuring Leila Bekhti the new spokesperson for L’Oreal,  is based on the true story of women in a small Turkish village who went on a sex or “love” strike until the men repaired their village’s water source....more

A Hurricane

It was after two weeks, I had three days until I left for the city, I was at my mailbox getting a letter from the superintendent's office in Baltimore, with a greenish white substitute teaching card plus a form with his copied signature stamped from his office in the envelope. It was hot, muggy outside; I was ignoring the heavy air pressure, the clouds were circulating lots of it above the corrugated dented metal roof slanting to the side on my unit....more

Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

The Easiest Way to Pay Tribute to Earth Day - Reusable Water Bottles

It seems that we have a thing for water… I know that we’re sounding like a broken record, with all our water talk  (Tapped the Movie, causes and editorial reviews), and reviews of reusable water bottles (...more

On World Water Day, Life’s Precious Trio: Women, Water and Health

by Elayne Clift, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine ...more

Seltzer Magic


Unwanted and Unsolicited Product Review: The KwikSip

So, if you are a regular reader (I love you, regular readers) of Not Blessed Mama, you may know I have a slight affinity for As Seen On TV products. I just love weird stuff- and of course, I just love to write about weird stuff. I'm also thinking, if I keep writing about weird stuff, eventually some company is bound to send me one of their weird products. I can dream....more