The Easiest Way to Pay Tribute to Earth Day - Reusable Water Bottles

It seems that we have a thing for water… I know that we’re sounding like a broken record, with all our water talk  (Tapped the Movie, causes and editorial reviews), and reviews of reusable water bottles (...more

On World Water Day, Life’s Precious Trio: Women, Water and Health

by Elayne Clift, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine ...more

Seltzer Magic


Unwanted and Unsolicited Product Review: The KwikSip

So, if you are a regular reader (I love you, regular readers) of Not Blessed Mama, you may know I have a slight affinity for As Seen On TV products. I just love weird stuff- and of course, I just love to write about weird stuff. I'm also thinking, if I keep writing about weird stuff, eventually some company is bound to send me one of their weird products. I can dream....more

Honeymoon Surprise

Water gives life. It also takes it away. Write a short piece – fiction or non-fiction – inspired by one or both of these statements in 600 words. She was drowning. Hot watery spray sluiced down her skin, creating rivers where his tongue traced her body....more

Oh no. Can I go back to picturing them in the prequel now?

Reading them in order gives a more ...more

Spring is coming...Are we ready? If not, let's get set!

Wow!   Where has the time gone?  I don't know where the rest of you are, but if you are in Scottsdale, Arizona, you are more than likey enjoying the great weather we have been experiencing.  This is my second favorite time of year as it marks the beginning of spring, even if it's just a hint of what's to come.  My first favorite?  Summer, by all means!  I enjoy nothing more than my busy summer days filled with the screams of delighted children who I share my time with as they experience the 'feel good' of accomplishment that comes from conquering ones fear...more

charity: water - Get Inspired!

For those of us that are able I believe it is very important to donate money or time to charities or non-profits....more

Treat that Bottle of Water Like a Mysterious Lover

Plenty of health articles talk about drinking more water. And many people make it part of their yearly resolutions. But ... er ... how? I mean, I get the basic how-to: (1) pour water in a glass, (2) lift glass to lips, and (3) intake water by swallowing. But what's missing is how to get over the "don't wanna" feeling that I get sometimes when I pour myself a glass of water. ...more
I keep writing about how I need to drink more water...I've even scheduled it into my day today ...more

Live, Learn and Compromise

You may have noticed that there is a metre or so of snow on the ground, right now.  Looking out our front window, you would never guess that we HAVE a front walk - nevermind that it was shoveled less than 24 hours ago.  I'm drinking my coffee in my jammies, looking at all that snow, and trying to use telepathy to get that boy three houses down to come and ask to shovel our walks.He wants a new snowboard.  I want him to have a new snowboard.  Especially if it means I don't have to get dressed, today....more

This snow has really forced us to slow down at exactly the right time. I can't remember our ...more

Build A Moat Around The Pantry

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and drinking enough water, but it still can be hard to get those 64 ounces down (or whater your personal goal is). I find it easier to do when I am at work, essentially chained to my desk with a water bottle or two at my side. But on weekends, I really slack off on the water.  I like to enjoy an endless cup of coffee in the morning, and it may be 11:00 or even lunch time before I have any water (not including what I sip during my workout)....more