The water balloon experiment

As we know, children are very hands-on people, and like to have visuals to get the most out of learning, so I bring you an experiement that you can share with your children when it comes to how our bodies work in the water.  This experiment is effective in helping young children get over their fear of believing that they will sink to the bottom of a pool, etc... if they are let go of in the water, or don't have a flotation device....more

Enticing the eyes beneath the surface & a scientific experiment

Yesterday I shared with you the three biggest fears young children conceal about being in the water and learning to swim.  Today, I will discuss ways to approach the under water world with our youngsters.  First, do you remember how sensitive your face can be to different temperatures of water?  The smallest degree of change can surprise us when submerging our faces.  So, keep in mind that the first time a young child is asked to put their face in the cool pool water, the first sensation is usually met with a cool response!  Over time, our ...more

Why Do You Blame God For Your Mistakes

This blog is by Mama Safi who never saw the inside of a classroom-Do you really want to know the reason....more

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Seashore Learning

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. (Yes, pictures like this one and that one are from that bee-u-ti-ful city.) But, in addition to my dear and loving family and friends there, it’s the ocean that holds my heart. San Diego’s ocean simply beckons one to interact. And not just on the seashore, but in the water.  ...more

Taking a Haircut for Our Grandchildren

It may be controversial, but it’s the best we’ve got.  The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) provides a way to numerically rate each of the globe’s countries by their overall greenness, or lack thereof.  Not surprisingly, Switzerland is first, the U.S. is 39th, while China is down at No. 105 and India comes in at 120th. ...more

Air and Water: A Right or Privilege for all Citizens?

While it may shorten your life, you can still live and breathe with poor air quality. Such is the case for many citizens of industrial megacities like Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, New Delhi, Mumbai and Beijing, among others. When it comes to water, however, cleanliness and freshness is essential to support life. In a growing number of nations, fresh water for drinking and hygiene is either not readily available, or, available only to those who can pay for it. Every human being is entitled to free air to breathe, but what about water to drink?...more

How To Stay Healthy & Hydrated In The Heat of The Summer

What is even more important than sunscreen and eating healthy in the summer? Answer: Staying hydrated. Our bodies are made up of about 65% water, and in the summer we are constantly being depleted of it. On a hot summer day, it doesn't take long for dehydration to set in, and that can quickly become dangerous (even deadly). ...more
this was an interesting post, loved reading it, truly none can live without water and it is ...more

The Oil Spill, from a liberal oilfield wife

As you know, assuming you live in the world, the oil is still spilling. I'm honestly surprised by that. I really thought it would have been taken care of by now. The fact that it hasn't been proves just how difficult conditions are. I've been hearing a lot of nonsense from a lot of people on the right and the left, and I just want to give my take on things....more

More From Goodbye Shelia

While I respect all the good that the Susan G. Komen foundation has done for breast cancer awareness, I really have a difficult time stomaching their current campaign. The campaign and alliance with KFC is a hard pill to swallow and I can only wonder if they did any research on the chicken giant they have climbed into bed with. The big players in this game of ownership and control over our food are Monsanto, Purdue and Tyson. These three are not all but out of a handful these guys are the big boys in the game....more

Women's Earth Alliance: Co-Directors Melinda Kramer and Amira Diamond

"To us, it's really about collaboration. It simply doesn't work to stay in your silo, and to grab hold of your mission statement and work alone. ...more