7 Products to Help Keep Your Health Resolutions

New Year's means a new commitment to our well-being for many of us -- but most of us could use a little help sticking to our resolutions come February. Whether it's eating healthier, hitting the gym more often, doing something about back pain or eye strain, or getting a better night’s sleep, these 10 products will help keep you healthy for years to come. ...more
I love all of these! I particularly love my fitbit flex!more

Filtrete Water System - Not Just Another Water Bottle

We, at The Succulent Wife, thought we were done writing about Water Bottles. So, for us to write about another one it had to be pretty special…...more

Cool + Plus: A chic water bottle that is easy to clean

You know how even after you clean ordinary water bottles they still end up with a stinky, gunky mess at the bottom of the bottles. Gross. Finally a company with an incredibly simple invention makes the reusable water bottle easier to clean--the Clean Bottle opens at both ends....more