How to Add a Watermark to Your Photos

Imagine opening a random website, maybe with an article that looked interesting, only to find that YOUR KIDS' PICTURES are used on the site without your knowledge or permission. What's worse is that the author is claiming that they are HER kids! That happened to a few women recently when they discovered that their babies' pictures were being used in a sick Instagram "game." The best way to protect your priceless images is to make it more annoying for someone to use them. You can add a simple watermark to the pictures to help deter thieves from reusing your photos. ...more
This is cool! I use to manually watermark my photos. This is a nice tool! :) Thanks for sharing!more

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {In the Dark Room}

I’m not a professional photographer, but I play one on my blog. Hahahaha I kill me. The hubs says I’m only funny to myself and the girl I shared a uterus with {that would be my twin sister} but I think I’m hilarious. Anyway, for the longest time, I’ve been “watermarking” my images by typing text over the picture and then saving it. Tedious, I tell ya. And pretty inconsistent as far as branding goes. So I started looking for an easier way to “stamp” my images and, lo and behold, it was sitting right there in front of me all this time: PICMONKEY!!!!!! ...more
Thank youmore