How to Make a Drop Shadow or Watermark on Picmonkey

So if you haven't heard of PicMonkey you are really missing out. I, like many others, don't want to splurge on Photoshop. I primarily don't want to because I'm not that tech savvy or want to spend the money on it at this time. So I frequently use PicMonkey, which is the best free alternative. Today I'll show you a couple tricks that I have up my sleeve with PicMonkey. ...more
Clearissa thecityrental is right! Just save that image you want as your watermark in a place you ...more

Watermarking Tools: Protecting Your Content Via Desktop, Web and Smartphone

In this age of content theft, a watermark can be a blogger’s best friend. While it doesn't prevent theft, it can help an image gone astray be returned to its rightful owner. It can also act as a kind reminder to those who might otherwise use what is not theirs. With all the apps available, watermarking your images doesn't require a graphic design background. From desktop to smartphone, here's a guide to making your mark....more
 @Laine Griffin I hope it helps! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.more