Summer cocktail with Watermelon and firey jalapeño

Sizzling summer barbecues and patio parties are ideal times for hydrating, natural fruit juice cocktails....more

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina

How Does Your Garden Grow?-Aroma Cucina 'Tis orto season! This year we planted tonnage...what was I thinking? Should be a bountiful season if our garden mascot does her job properly. What's in your garden? ...more

Watermelon Seeds

The sun beamed down on my pale, freckled skin. I was sitting atop a load of fresh hay as the sweet smell of the bales drifted my way.  ...more

Making Watermelon Jam

In Sicily, summertime brings with it so many wonderful things. Hot weather, cool beaches, fresh gelato, vacation time and the biggest angurie (watermelons) you have ever seen. Now, those super huge melons are something we don’t often see anymore, as the smaller hybrids are what we usually see these days. Genetic modification with zucca (squash) plants, which makes a much smaller, more manageable sized and seedless melon has pretty much overtaken the market. And really, how many one to two person households can consume a 15 pound melon anyway?...more

Subsidy for sustenance

I think that farmers with backyard gardens and produce stands should be subsidized just like the big farmers.  I like this whole garden-to-table chain, and it looks like it does me more immediate good than waiting for the wheat to turn into bread....more

Adults-Only Frozen Treats for those Halcyon Days of Summer

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels Adults-Only Fourth of July Desserts and Treats  includes recipes for Hooched Honeydew Sorbet, Watermelon-Tequila Pops & Kicked Up Orange-Cream Pops  ...more

The Best Watermelon, Ever

On one standard hot day when I was living on a kibbutz in Israel I was assigned to work in the watermelon field. I was told that it was going to be horrible. But in the way that my optimism always outshines reality, I was excited to work at something new.   ...more

A Toast to Summer

Fall is drawing near, but I am trying to hold onto the last few bits of summer.  I continue to wear my flip-flops and shorts, if the weather is above 60.  Salads are still a main fixture on the dinner menu, and the grill is used frequently. ...more

Watermelon Milkshake

Cool. Creamy. Easy. Delish. ...more