A New Type of Hybrid Terror (Part 1): All-American Sons

If these suspects really are the culprits behind the bombings, and they do carry both radical religious sentiments and All-American credentials, than we might have to reformulate an altogether new understanding of terrorism that goes far beyond what we understand now. It is scary because we may have to admit to ourselves that domestic acts of terrorism and international terrorism have more in common than we want to believe....more
Yes, I have has similar thoughts about this.more

Irish Hibachi

I’m ba-ack, Watertown! Or, at least I was last weekend. I couldn’t miss The North Country Goes Green Irish Festival or the Miss Ireland Pageant, right? You know me. I love a good festival. So I blew into town on a breezy Friday afternoon, after a heinous traffic experience due to flooding in Preble. My parents and I hightailed it over to the SOB, where we quickly availed ourselves of slices of Irish pizza, salt potatoes, corned beef sammies and Irish stew before the pageant started....more