Are You Ready For Winter Travel?

Happy New Year! 2013 was an amazing and eye-opening year for myself and I know that there is more great things to come. Stay tuned :)...more

Why Would Facebook Want to Buy Waze?

Sometimes it feels like Facebook is buying the Internet. The recent news that the social media giant is set to buy Waze, a social media based GPS navigation app, for an assumed 1.2 billion has many people raising eyebrows -- and asking, "What's Waze?" In short, it's a map app. Enter your destination and Waze will help you get there, offering social media interactions from other Waze users with warnings of accidents, police waiting to give you a ticket, construction, traffic and so on. But... why do you need another map app? ...more
Yes! It is great!more

Waze to Go

The other day, we made the three-hour drive to the beach where my parents have a condo. Only it wasn't a three-hour drive.It was pouring as we hit the road, and as we turned onto the highway, we found ourselves in stopped traffic. For miles....more