What’s Next for Wearable Tech?

The wearables market is just starting to explode, but we're already taking it for granted. And it's hard not to wonder where it will go next – especially considering where we've been.We couldn't have imaginedThough not true wearables by today's standards, devices like the Sony Walkman and Discman of days gone by offered a glimpse of a future big on "attachment." After all, both of Sony's old-school mobile music players had wrist straps – that counts for something, right?...more

How Wearable Technology Can Change Your Business?

 Introduction to Wearable Technology in the business place ...more

Fitbit, Jawbone UP bangle and pedometers motivate exercisers to move more

In a race to finish first in the gadget world, wearable tech is posed to win. Shipments of high tech bands that monitor fitness have grown 700 percent in just one year, according to Entrepreneur. So what should weight loss and fitness enthusiasts look for when it comes to the perfect device to monitor their marathons, race-walking events or spin class sessions? The high tech world is buzzing about:...more

Next steps in wearable tech

Tech devices are rapidly evolving from those you carry around with you in a pocket to those you wear on an arm, and they seem to be getting smaller and smaller. We have the laptop as the progenitor, culminating in the smartphone and tablet....more