Severe Weather At-Home Survival Tips

by Kris Kosach A View of the Authors Neighbo...more

well, i guess this is growing up.

its been unseasonably warm for january this week. and now its raining in st. paul. and i don't mean freezing rain - the kind that feels more like snow when it hits your face as you walk across the parking lot. nope. this is a real rain. ...more

Winter Skin Tips

Every year around the same time my skin starts to change. I don't seem to notice it until I'm trying to apply makeup and it doesn't quite "sit right" on my face. It's not that this sneaks up on me. It's more that I'm thinking it's always other environmental changes and work becomes so busy in the fall months that it appears that I've not been taking care of my skin....more

I'm going to have to try those! I've seen the tourmaline face mask by Aveda but never tried ...more

Oh the weather outside is delightful, and the skies are full of light...

I'm starting this here and rolling on over to my "real" blog.  I wish so badly that I could just dump what I write at Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo here... but I have more flexibility over there to do what I choose as far as manipulating text, photos, adding people outside of BlogHer who I care about and whose blogs I read. ...more

Rather than post of the full post on both sites. Teaser posts can be the first few sentences ...more

After rain comes sunshine

It has been rainy weather for a couple of days now. Specially yesterday but today the sun is back, not sure how warm it will get though. On the other hand I kind of like when it rains. I do like the sunshine too : -) First sunny and warm and then some rain do speed up everything like the trees, flowers and pollen! It is nice to see the trees and grass getting greener  and flowers popping up, the sky is blue and the sun is shining so lovely. But sometimes it can take away all the brightness because of the pollen and the allergies it may cause. ...more

The Dallas Cowboys and a tragedy

**** This is my opinion and ONLY my opinion. ...more

Why Does Curly Hair Get Frizzy in Wet Weather?

The simplest of answers is that the hair does not contain enough internal moisture to counteract the outside environmental moisture. If your hair had enough internal moisture then any outside wetness would just weigh the hair down, not frizz it out. But, when your hair is too dry it takes alot of wetness to make it heavy. ...more

Slip, Sliding Away

Slip, Sliding Away...yes yesterday was a trial in my driving but I managed.  Will I be successful today.  Well, we'll see how I do.  I can't wait for spring.  Enjoy my post of the trials and tribulations of having a sloping drive in these icy conditions! ...more

Enjoying the sun

So im sitting here enjoying the sun before it goes back into hiding for the next week to come,I remember when i was so excited for winter to get here so i could pull out my warm sweaters and would be able to snuggle in my electric blankets,Well Winters here but the last two days it has felt like spring,so it has reminded me how much more i love summer more than winter,Its like the world is so much more alive when its warm. ...more