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A Valentine's Day Breakup with Winter

It's Valentine's Day, and here in Canada's Niagara Region, a frosty breath away from Buffalo, New York, we are once again getting pounded with snow. Another six inches on the ground this morning, and more to come. Tomorrow's not looking much better, with the temperature set to struggle to get to -19C. Monday's looking like a wash as well. So, I'm celebrating a somewhat snow-bound Valentine's Day (no posh dinner for us, unless we make it!) and our Family Day by sharing this blog post with you....more

August Report 2013

The warmest day was on the 11th at 98 (36.3)The coolest day was on the 24th at 44 (6.6)The average high was 76 (24.4)...more

Weekend Photo Hunt ((portrait & skies) Since part of last week photo hunt theme was selfie so close to portrait. So I decided di

  PAPER and or SUNSET will be next weekend themesSince part of last week photo hunt theme was selfie so close to ...more

Music Monday! Sweater Weather

Music Monday! Sweater Weather We thought it was Spring.But no.Even though the calendar says Spring,Mother Nature has other plans....more

Cleaning Out The Filing Cabinet ~ In This Weather??

Yup, I am cold.  But, I haven't been outside, but I have been in the basement to store some old files. Old files that we are not supposed to throw away for at least seven years, but now have filled up my filing cabinet so that I don't have room for the new stuff.  ...more

The Best Emergency Radio – Prepare For the Unexpected

 When it comes to handling emergencies, things have changed significantly for our homes.  Technology has obviously become better and a more significant part of our lives.  So, we decided to go looking for a 21st century emergency radio and found The Best Emergency Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer....more

Beware of “Pneumonia Weather”!

I know that my Mom has many “mom-isms” (sayings that are specific to her), and growing up I believed these to be common knowledge or fact, which now I know that some were completely special to our family. But, to her credit, her declaration of “pneumonia weather” was based upon when I would get it (as I did as a child due to severe asthma) based upon different weather patterns and, by George, she was onto something! The number of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) going around right now are staggering. and for most of us in the US, it is “pneumonia weather”....more

Winter Is Coming?

I was all set to write a post called "Spring Has Sprung" this morning.  I took a picture of my Easter lily, which is showing signs again that it is going to bloom despite years of abject mistreatment....more