6 Web Design Principles to Create an Interactive Website

A website is not just about gathering relevant information and posting it. If you want to design an effective web you need to pay attention to other aspects such as presentation, organization, etc. It is important that site is engaging so that visitors are tempted not just to visit the site but also exploring it. The web design is critical because it is a concept of planning, creating and maintenance of the site. It also involves taking care of user interface, the layout, content, color etc....more

Secrets of Website Design by JanBask Web Designer

If you are thinking about to redesign your website then this article will help you by revealing the secrets of striking and enticing website design. Website design plays an important role in writing the success story of a business. Website is the front face of the business which directly interacts with the business audience and attracts them toward our website or business. Not only this but the importance and meaning of a website for a business is much more widen....more

I Can't Read Your Blog

I'm making an attempt to look at all the participating members on the NaBloPoMo blogroll. ...more

Website designs and use of SEO services in website designs

The website is the most using things in the modern world. Mostly all the business takes help from website to make the business successful. There are huge numbers of the website available in the internet world. The website is a modern business developer. The website is the best place to do the online business. There are the many problems to make the website attractive. If you want to make the website more attractive, firstly you have to know about the basic knowledge of website designing....more

Top 5 Phoenix SEO Companies

Search Engine Optimization is as old as search engines themselves, but the techniques a Phoenix SEO Company has to utilize have been evolving, so it's important to find a company that can hang with the big boys.These 10 Amazing Phoenix SEO Companies will help you get more traffic and increase your revenue:1. Solar Flare Marketing - Strong on the Search Engine Optimization side and a little less so on the design side – if you're looking for a partner for strictly SEO, this is your perfect match. ...more

Fast Company Influence Project is a Gimmick

 Why this is so irritating to meWe're all so busy building our personal brands that I feel we're reluctant to criticize anyone who could help us extend our brands. Well, maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot here but it is time to do a bit of criticizing and I'm going to call a spade a spade. The Fast Company Influence Project gimmick is exactly that - a gimmick and a disappointing one....more

The Novel Difference - 50% Off Website Design Until August 1st!

 We're launching and open for business on August 1st, but from July 25th thru August 1st, you can get our uniquely-designed-for-you website design at a discount of 50% off! And we offer payment plans just right for any budget....more

7 Website Color Schemes For Food Blogs

When designing a food blog, the color scheme becomes an important facet.  It has to evoke warmth, satisfaction and happiness - the emotions that a good kitchen stands for.  Here are 7 color schemes that any designer could use as a reference for a food blog. ...more

What Is Responsive Web Design and Why Is it Important?

Chances are that you have heard about the importance of responsive web design. All this means is that your site looks the same or similar on all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Images, videos, and sidebars re-adjust or re-align in order to be contained within the device screen size, eliminating horizontal scrolling or being cut off entirely. The importance of having a responsive website is not going to go away, and in fact, is becoming increasingly important as site views on mobile take over site views on a desktop. ...more
Its amazing that a mobile design/website do not use the same theme of your standard website ...more

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