How to Choose a Web Host

Since this is a website about blogging, I figure one question just about everyone has is, “How do I started a blog?” This is so long and complicated, so I’ve decided to make it a mini-series.It’s actually not very difficult, but it can be overwhelming. There are actually two ways you can do it. Let’s start with my preferred way: self-hosting....more

How Did You Select Your Web Hosting Company?

I find myself in the position of "owning" four websites/blogs and quite confused about finding them homes with webhosting companies.My priorities are pretty straightforward- affordability (not "cheap" but affordable)- customer service in proportion to the affordability- wordpress hosting- local business (Pittsburgh)- a good corporate citizenI'd really prefer to have one company for everything, but that's for my own sake and that's where it gets more complicated....more
@GoFashionDeals My concern with godaddy is that they opposed SOPA, but I'm starting to see that ...more

This Mother-Daughter Team is Changing How You Live in "The Cloud"

When most people think about a "cloud," they think of fluffy, white cotton balls floating in the sky. When Jenn Donogh and Kathy Nelson think about a "cloud," they’re thinking about how to manage the large amount of data that powers our businesses (and lives). ...more
@ovaleye great article i am proud to work with you!more

How Green Is Your Blog? From Eco Web Hosts to Green Power

How green is your blog? We often share tips on saving money and the environment by saving energy at BlogHer -- and of course, greening your blogging habit's part of that. But thanks to all the mixed messages and sometimes-shady green marketing out there, green blogging often sounds confusing or contradictory. How exactly does one green a blog? ...more

Glad I could help -- and good luck switching things over :)


ABC's of setting up your website, what everyone should know

New post on blog... ABC's of setting up your website, what everyone should know.  Click here for more ...more