Funny Web Series for Moms | New SLUMMY MUMMY! | “Firemen”

At long last, it's a new episode of our award-winning funny web series for moms, SLUMMY MUMMY. What happens when Jen's baby finally sleeps through the night?Funny Web Series for Moms |SLUMMY MUMMY Epsiode 6 | Firemen...more

“I Won’t Grow Up”| Grown Up Wendy Paula Rhodes| The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

Meet Grown Up Wendy! Peter Pan may not have wanted to grow up, but Wendy did. Then she got knocked up. Our LIVE show guest this week is Paula Rhodes, who plays grown up Wendy in “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy,” an award-winning series. ...more

BlogTHAT: New Web Series Tackles Blogging Life

Jessica Bern is hilarious. Not just in toothpaste commercials (although also in toothpaste commercials); in real life, too, and especially on the internet. Which is why I was so beyond psyched to hear about BlogTHAT, the new web series she is co-writing and directing with fellow blogger (and business partner) Deb Anderson, and had to grill her about its every detail to share with you....more

Alison McDonald Is Changing Hollywood

Game Changers is a series of interviews with awesome women who are changing the landscape of the web. Alison McDonald is many things: Comedienne. Writer. Sister. Single. Very Single. ...more
You are too funny! You need to do a tv show or a movie. Are you listening Hollywood? Best to ...more

Meet "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" Creators Issa Rae and Tracy Oliver

Turn on the television and there’s no telling what you’ll see in regards to Black people. Women in skin tight dresses on the hunt for "love". Women with the loosest of ties to basketball players throwing bows and pulling each others hair. Men dressed as women. Or men in polka dot pants and striped shirts calling for Cora. The lack of options can be frightening and make one feel as if all hope is lost for alternative images of Black folks....more
Great article thank you for sharing! Also, ...more

Queen Latifah to Do AOL Web Talk Show About Sports, Entertainment

Last week Queen Latifah and AOL announced that they will be partnering up for a web series. According to Nsenga Burton on The Root, "Queen Latifah will produce and star in an AOL Web series about sports, entertainment and entrepreneurialism, which will be overseen by Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post." That is a lot to take in, and what exactly does it mean? ...more


Here's an episode from a web based comedy series called "bernthis" which is about a neurotic woman's journey through her weekly visits to her therapist.     ...more