Copywriting with a Bite to Hold Your Reader’s Attention

By Bob Speyer, Web Success TeamEvery website owner is competing for the hearts and minds of their visitors. Keeping their eyeballs transfixed to your site can lead to more business and increased revenue. Making that important good first impression is the result of great direct response copywriting. Your content must engage the visitor within the first 15 seconds, giving them reason to stay, read and navigate through the site....more

How to Prevent Scope Creep from Ruining Your Projects

There is the old adage that two things are certain in life, “Death and Taxes.” With business you can also add Scope Creep. Every business has experienced it, some more dramatically than others. It is one of those gremlins that attaches to projects and wreaks havoc with proposals and client relationships.Read more here:

You’re in Control with New Facebook Privacy Settings

Users protested and Facebook listened. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has just rolled changes to make it easier for users to configure their privacy settings and to retroactively control access to content that has been previously posted. In essence, Facebook has given the user more control in the information available to everyone — both past and present....more

How Online Community Based Services Can Effectively Market Your Business

Numerous community or location-based services have come out that have grown into massive platforms for sharing and connecting. The most recognizable ones are Yelp, Foursquare, and Gowalla....more

10 Guidelines to Redesigning Your Website

One of my favorite movies is Marathon Man, starring Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. In a classic scene, protagonist Olivier asks Hoffman, “Is it safe?” while holding a dental drill to his front tooth. This gruesome scene reminded me of another equally painful question, “Is it time?” — time to redesign and rebrand your website. ...more

Building Customer Confidence with Testimonials

Every person in America has bought something that either broke or stopped working after a few days. Because of this, today’s customers want to feel reassured that you are selling quality products and services. Customers do not want to lose money or feel like they’ve made a bad decision. The best way to assure customers is to have good, strong testimonials. Read more here:

New Facebook Feature Increases Interactivity Between Friends

Facebook is constantly adding new features and applications to allow people to be more interactive on the web....more

Prep Your Site to Be Mobile Ready

Switching your desktop site onto a mobile device is one of the biggest moves companies are making everywhere. Embracing mobile is one of the fastest growing segments in the web world, and if done correctly, could be extremely beneficial and profitable to your company. The mobile system is so diverse with various browsers, screen sizes, connections etc— it’s a major change, and one that your site needs to prep for. To master this viral shift, we’ve listed a few tips to keep in mind when making your site mobile friendly: ...more

New Twitter Tools to Benefit Advertisers and Users

A few exciting new tools have blasted onto the web that are being used to advance the Twitter market and attract advertisers and users toward new markets. Even Google has entered the Twitter universe and further support the view that Twitter is a marketing tool that is here to stay....more

Creating a Better First Impression for Your Website Visitor

Visitors come and visitors go, but rarely do they leave without forming an opinion or making a decision. It’s the first impression of your website that’s your foot in the cyber-door. The most important component in putting your best foot forward is to make that lasting impression to motivate them to contact you and take it to the next level in the sales cycle. ...more