Implement Star Keywords to Increase ROI and Page Ranks

By now, we all know the importance of keywords for search traffic. However, having keywords on your website does not mean that you will instantly be searched. Keyword placement and design are specific art forms. For the purposes of this article, I will explain in detail the importance of having varied keywords and how to use your analytics to filter out the ones that are causing you to lose money. Optimize Your Brand To optimize your brand related searches, pick a few pages on your website that you want ranked higher. Products and Services page is a good start. Tweak the content to allow for both star keywords and user keywords. A star keyword is a keyword with your brand name attached. If you sell software and your brand name is BZ Programs, then a star keyword could be “BZ content management systems.” A user keyword is what the general public may find to search for you ie: “content management systems.” By implementing the keyword “BZ content management systems,” you get the best of both worlds. ...more

Web Success Strategies Learned from the Online Marketing Summit

By: Alyse Speyer, Copywriter - Web Success Team On Tuesday, June 16, I packed up my laptop and headed down to Long Beach, CA to attend the Online Marketing Summit. The main areas covered were Social Media, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Web Analytics, Usability, Email Marketing, Digital PR and Integrated Marketing Strategy. This all day event included expert speakers from major online marketing firms such as Ray “Catfish” Comstock, Debbie Qaqish, Tim Ash, Steve Woods, Dana Todd and many more. Each speaker discussed real world experiences; case studies; analysis of what works, what doesn’t and why. The Web Success Team learned many practical applications and cutting edge strategies that will benefit clients. ...more

Link Building vs. Content: Get Your Site to Rank Higher on Google

In the last few weeks, I’ve read tons of articles detailing why link building is better than content. It’s true, there are some sights on the web that have little to no content and are still on the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as Terri Wells writes in her article. So why not do both? Link Building – How to Look at Link Profiles Link building will certainly help your website’s rankings; however it’s the quality of your links that will take you to the top. In order to understand proper link building techniques, you need to do some research on link profiles. Unfortunately, no tools have been made to help online businesses assess link profiles. Most of the research should be done by a link specialist or a marketing team. ...more

Increase Website Sales with Benefits-Oriented Content

When developing an online marketing strategy, the first priority is to add newsworthy and related content so that viewers will stay on your website. Still many people forget that keeping a visitor on a website is NOT the main goal. The main goal is to turn visitors into customers. Just because someone is on your site for a long time, does not necessarily mean that he or she will buy your product or service. So how do you turn those viewers into buyers? ...more

Need a Website But Don’t Have the Money? Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

More and more businesses are signing on to the Internet bandwagon. These days if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on one of the biggest markets in the U.S. However, building and marketing a website takes time, money and a lot of effort, especially if you are competing with big name companies. So how can local businesses on a budget compete with large consumer sites? ...more

Web Success Team Launches Website that Will Change the Way Sports Fans Play!

World Hero 3000 is a Toronto, Canada based specialty sports product manufacturer who wanted to showcase their innovative sports products by creating an exciting energy packed website. After initial client briefings, the Web Success Team went to work — first on branding. ...more

What Expectations Do You Have of Your Website in These Difficult Times?

So you just put your site up or your current website is stalled and you are finding that you are nowhere to be found on the search engines — not even for your primary keywords. Let's not talk about the money and time invested to get the website developed. So now frustration sets in. In this article I will give you some quick on-page and off-page marketing tips to help get your website in shape and start producing. On-Page Marketing ...more

A Facelift for The Web Success Team

It is never too late to remodel your website design, no matter how long your business has been running. For our 5th anniversary (which is a lifetime on the web) The Web Success Team decided to revamp our website with a new look fresh look to keep up with the ever-changing marketing standard. Things we considered while re-designing our website to make it easier for you. ...more

2009 Internet Marketing Forecast

If it already feels like your online business is lagging in last year’s dust, keep in mind that it’s normal to fall behind in the race. However, it’s absolutely possible and critical to pick up the pace of your marketing strategies and increase your chances of taking the lead. But where do you begin and how will you know what to do? The key to Internet marketing and the path to web success in 2009 is anticipating customer needs and making every second count for your business on a daily basis. ...more