Personal Democracy Forum 2011: Women Out in Front

Being at a tech conference that was 50% women speakers felt different. When the women get up on stage and talk about concepts I don’t understand, I know things are shifting. At Personal Democracy Forum 2011 (PDF) in New York City the ratio of female to male speakers was 47% to 53%. PDF is a forum where activists, intellectuals and policymakers from all over the world gather to explore the digital age’s impact on governance and society. ...more

Woot! and Hear! Hear! I cannot understand why everyone isn't commenting. Such an essential ...more

6 Ways to Use the Web to Find a Nonprofit Job

Yikes! One of today's New York Times' headlines is, Economy Shed 598,000 Jobs in January. If you're one of the folks looking for a job with a nonprofit right now, here are some ways to use the web to help with your search. ...more

Britt, I followed you over to BlogHer finally...and thought this reply might help folks over ...more