6 Insanely Useful Tips for Running a Webinar

Don’t you hate when things don’t turn out as expected? The dress you bought online is way too small.The pricey restaurant you ate at served mediocre food.Your airplane was delayed two hours.The webinar that you attended didn’t deliver on what was promised. Umm….What??!! Yeah, you read that right…...more

How to Host a Webinar (and Why You Should)

The bar for the know, like, and trust factor has been rising over the past few years. A decade ago, there was less competition. If you were online and wrote a few articles you were golden. Now, people want to get to know you in a deeper way before spending money with you. One way to do that in a very personal and virtual way is to host a webinar. Here's a great post from Judi Knight on how to do it well. ...more

Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like This In My Online Biz… Plus NAMS9 Video

I hosted a webinar to tell you all about this past weekend in Atlanta at the NAMS9 conference.  It was awesome! But first let me tell you of my tragic webinar making experience…Or should I say experiences, LOL!  I’ve been playing around with several different webinar services trying to decide which one I want to use.  Once I decided onMeeting Burner, it was time for a  trial run.  Boy did I screw it all up!...more

Formula for Creating An Effective Online Marketing Funnel

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team ...more

Dating Advice for a GREAT relationship!

People ask me all the time for dating tips and advice, and I definitely have some current favorites. Whether you’re back on the dating scene after a divorce/difficult breakup/death of a spouse; whether you were plain old dumped and are afraid to have your heart broken again, a single parent, are intimidated by online dating, wouldn’t know where to start or even what to say if you saw someone you liked, or are simply starting over, try these on for size. Don’t lead with “sexy” unless you want someone to value that most about you!...more

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eBay has Changes Coming to Boost Sales Online: Sign up for Free Webinars

With 88 million active users worldwide and more than 15 million average daily live listings, the eBay marketplace represents the largest e-commerce site in the world.  Every year, total sales on eBay top $60 billion dollars, more than any other online retailer and nearly a quarter of all online sales combined!  With more than 1 million people earning their primary or secondary income on eBay.com, the online commerce site is taking new steps to increase sales and profitability.   ...more

Who is The Household CEO and what does it take to fill her shoes? Find out TODAY!

  What does it take to fill the shoes of today’s Household CEO? ...more

Strictly Speaking: What can we learn from the recent Presidential Debates?

If the recent Presidential Debates have taught us anything, it would be how important choosing the “right words” are to your cause.  Whatever your vocation is, at some point, you are required to convince someone to believe in you, your cause or your product.  The point is , your audience has to decide whether or not to follow you, promote you or to become your customer. ...more