"Black Folk Don't" Web Series Challenges Stereotypes

"Something about the sound of twigs crunching under your feet; it’s like Massa's coming down." -- a Black Folk Don't interviewee on camping A few years ago, I walked into a massive athletic shoe store in Harlem. I was kindly greeted by the security guards, but while I was perusing the rows of incredibly expensive shoes, a Black male salesperson approached me. "You aren't from here, are you?" he asked politely. "Uh, no. I’m from Toronto." He looked confused. "Where's that?"...more
I did not care for this article when I initially began to read this because I have tried to ...more

Sex & Relationships Tour 'O Webisodes

Watched any good webisodes lately? Let's face it, some people are making them, some people are watching them, but as a form and a habit, many of us aren't regularly tuning into web video beyond the links to funny YouTube spots we watch because somebody linked or emailed them. Yet, there is more and more interesting web content every day, and there's solid offerings in the sex & relationships area. ...more

I'm a big chicken when it comes to taping myself but I love Mihow's attempt and it inspired ...more