Do Blog Awards Really Matter?

We all want to be recognized for the work we do on our blogs. Regardless of your basic reasons for blogging, it's nice to know your contributions to the blogosphere are appreciated. So, when you receive a web or blog award, does it matter? ...more

I personally believe that awards such as the webbies, are sincere and naturally they are able ...more

Newsflash: Heather Armstrong to speak (and celebrate her birthday) at BlogHer '08

Hot on the heels of her quadruple-win at the 2008 Weblog Awards, I am pleased to announce that Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) is returning to BlogHer '08 this July in San Francisco. Heather was part of the very first BlogHer "Naked" session at the inaugural conference in 2005, and spoke about the ups, downs and late nights of monetizing your blog in 2006. ...more

Wish I could be there!


Best Medical Weblog - vote for a patient gal

Hello fellow BlogHers, A little self-promotion for a good cause here. I run a popular health blog called, which has had the honor of being nominated for "Best Medical Weblog" on the net at this year's MedGadget Medblog Awards. This is particularly nice because: 1) it's the first time any PATIENT BLOG has been suggested in this category, 2) no other WOMEN bloggers are nominated 3) I happen to be a mommy blogger as well (raising 3 of 'em) ...more